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    Sunday 25 April 2010

    BCNA Committee View on the Naming of Princes Pier

    BCNA Committee View on the Naming of Princes Pier

    Dear BCNA Members

    At the Executive Committee meeting last Tuesday, it was decided to respond to a Herald Sun journalist’s request for comment on proposals to rename Princes Pier to Alan Whittaker Pier as follows:

    Mr Neil Wilson
    Herald Sun

    Further to your request for a view on proposed renaming of Princes Pier, the Executive Committee of Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association (BCNA) discussed the issue last night at a scheduled meeting. The following points summarise the view of the members of the Committee.

    The Beacon Cove community is a group of approximately 1200 families and fronts on to the Bay around Station Pier and Princes Pier.

    There is a lot of history associated with the Pier over the period it has been called Princes Pier. The three major associations that come to mind are:

    o Point of embarkation of troops to recent wars and the
    subsequent return. Berthing of naval vessels in time of hostilities. (Military)

    o Point of disembarkation of migrants initially from Europe after the end of WW II and for decades to follow. (Migration)

    o Use as part of the working port of Port Melbourne. (Industrial)

    In general the Committee sees that links to history, like naming, should be retained unless there are overwhelming reasons for change. The name of a location is integral to the history. (BCNA has applied this approach when it argued persuasively to the Victorian Electoral Commission at its reform process a couple of years ago not to remove the old Ward name of Sandridge and replace it with Port Ward in the City of Port Phillip).

    Even if a change was to be contemplated the change should not be based on a narrow focus (even if the historical name could be argued as narrow or inappropriate by some). Consideration of the broad context of the historical significance and of all associations of the site would be necessary to select a new name to replace a name that has existed for many decades.

    In summary, the BCNA Committee

    o Does not see a compelling argument at this time, nor a public groundswell,to change the name of Princes Pier
    o Could support any call for a wider community debate on the subject
    o Could agree with provision of a plaque at the Gatehouse on Princes Pier to commemorate an appropriate individual or event

    I hope this makes the Committee members’ view clear to you in preparing your article for the Herald Sun.

    As we didn’t have time to conduct a survey of members, the Committee decided that it would answer on its own behalf.


    Trevor Nink
    Secretary BCNA

    Trees and Landscape Update

    Trees and Landscape Update

    Dear BCNA Members

    After many discussions and compromises to protect the landscape at Beacon Cove from being reduced to a stark new estate approach, your committee has reached the following agreement with the Council to make a gradual, phased removal of the Hills Fig trees in The Crescent, Swallow Street and Park Square.

    • Tuckeroo Cupaniopsis anacardoiodes was decided as the replacement species for The Crescent from the resident votes received by Council.

    • Kanooka Gums Tristaniopsis laurina was decided as the replacement species for Park Square and Swallow Street as they form the existing replacement species within those streets.

    • The upgrade program will be conducted in 2 phases with phase 1 tree removal and replacements commencing in July 2010. The second phase of works will only be conducted once the majority of newly planted trees reach a height of 4.5 meters. The height will be checked firstly in 2012 to determine what growth has been achieved. The works have been listed to be completed within 5 years.

    • The phasing of works will be noted within the Greening Port Phillip Street Tree Planting Guide 2010 so that it is captured as part of the 5 year implementation plan so that they can remain a priority.

    • The upgrade program will follow the set design sent to residents for comment.

    • Trees will be maintained for a 24 month period to assist with successful tree establishment. If trees die they will be replaced by the contractor at no cost to council.

    • Residents will be encouraged to “Adopt a Tree’ and will receive a free bucket to assist with tree watering.

    • Ensure all trees that are planted and removed due to vandalism are replanted. Other methods of preventing vandalism will be explored as required.

    • Should a requestor ask that their nature strip fig tree be removed prior to their phase they will be firstly asked to await the timing of replacement in line with the program. If their case becomes insurance related to damage to a property, council will undertake the removal of the tree and replace with the new agrees species. The applicant will need to have provided evidence of damages caused from the tree, before trees are considered for removal.

    • Damaged footpaths will be replaced where trees have been removed in phase one. The remaining footpath damages will await the second phase of removal before reconstruction works are conducted to footpaths. Should there be unacceptable trip hazards an asphalt strip will be installed to remove the trip hazard.

    • In May 2010 the Greening Port Phillip an Urban Forest Approach 2010 and Greening Port Phillip Planting Guide 2010 will be forwarded to BCNA for comments and feedback.


    Trevor Nink
    Secretary BCNA