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  • Sat 6, 9-10am: Beach Patrol, meeting at Sandridge Beach LSC
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  • Sat 20, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at Garden City shops

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  • Sat 3, 9-10am: Beach Patrol, meeting at Princes Pier
  • Sat 17, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at 109 North Port tram stop
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    Monday 5 December 2011

    The Beacon December 2011

    BCNA Newsletter December 2011

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    The Beacon
    December 2011

    The President and Committee wish all residents a happy festive season and a prosperous New Year.

    Newsletter of Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association Inc (BCNA).

    BCNA aims and aspirations include providing a forum for all residents of Beacon Cove and abutting neighbourhoods to discuss key local issues with a view to preserving and enhancing the quality of life within the area.

    This newsletter draws on the President’s Report from the October AGM with subsequent updates.

    1-11 Waterfront Place
    The major issue of the pending redevelopment of this site is still unresolved. The Committee believes that the future use of this site will be proposed by CoPP in the Urban Design Framework (UDF) which is due for Council adoption and release before the end of this year. BCNA has provided CoPP with a position statement on what is, and is not, acceptable development for this site – see BCNA Blogspot.

    Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC)
    In July BCNA responded to the Department of Transport issued a Discussion Paper on transferring the car trade to Port of Geelong. We await Government announcements on any implications for Webb Dock port traffic with whatever activity might replace the car trade next to us.
    Improvements have been made in signage re access to Station Pier at the entry to the plaza area. Representations have been made to TT-Line and PoMC to relieve periodic traffic jams as travellers queue to board their cars onto the Spirit of Tasmania.
    BCNA, along with Port People and Port to Port, meets twice yearly with PoMC and has addressed, largely favourably, a number of operational issues. The Committee wants to ensure resident interests can made known early in the PoMC planning process.
    Committee members have met with the Honourable Dennis Napthine, Minister for Ports and also Minister for Major Projects (MPV) - to outline community views on our interface with the various Government departments in his portfolio.
    Beacon Cove Planning Scheme Amendments C73 and C105
    After four years of detailed work on the part of CoPP and a team of consultant planners, Amendment C73 was adopted by Council in July and approved and gazetted by the Honourable Matthew Guy, Planning Minister, in November. This amendment is designed to transfer the unique covenants and planning rules for the residential precincts within Beacon Cove to CoPP and establish a more appropriate planning approval framework now that development of the Estate is complete.
    Separately Amendment C105 was approved by the Minister and gazetted in October. C105 makes CoPP the Responsible Authority to for all future planning issues for the residential and commercial areas within Beacon Cove, including 1-11 Waterfront place (the old gymnasium site).
    Prior to the end of the year all property owners within Beacon Cove should receive detailed information on the amendments and advice on the necessary changes to title covenants.
    Garden City Reserve (GCR)
    CoPP required the Hobson's Bay Obedience Dog Club (HBODC) to relocate to GCR from Murphy's Reserve after almost 50 years at that site. CoPP has plans to redevelop Murphy's Reserve and HBODC uses the location that is proposed for a wetland system. BCNA has worked closely with HBODC and CoPP to review all possible alternative locations and to ensure the transition has the minimum possible impact on residents. It should commence early in 2012.
    Discussions were held recently on the access of Port Melbourne Primary School students to the east end of GCR as a regular playground. The community has few objections but a bigger issue is to provide more schools to cater with the fast growing population of children in Port Melbourne.
    General Landscaping of Public Spaces
    Completion of public toilets at Sandridge Beach have taken too long but are now progressed. CoPP have also budgeted for a shower to be constructed on Port Melbourne Beach for this summer.
    After the trunk sewer works of Melbourne Water have now been largely concluded, the small park and grass area is being returned to the earlier road access domain between Swallow, Ross and Byrne Streets. This is a messy intersection but Council have advised that they have no budget to further enhance the traffic flows and residential amenity in adversely affected areas.

    Social Activities and Plans
    The BCNA Committee will be arranging another dinner at a local restaurant early in the New Year. In the meanwhile BCNA encourages you to attend the Picnic in the Park at Garden City Reserve on 11 December 2011 from 1.00 - 4.30 pm. This event is to celebrate the hard fought improvements over recent years. See the website at for more information.

    Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design Framework (PMW UDF)
    The planning stage of the UDF process is drawing to a close as a recommended framework went to CoPP late November. We await release of this document for public discussion prior to year end. Once ratified, it will need to be turned into more concrete activities coupled with sufficient annual budget monies over the long term.
    This will impact on 1 – 11 Waterfront Place and solutions to the traffic congestion, parking problems and poor pedestrian access around the entrance to Station Pier.
    Fisherman’s Bend Proposed Long Term Development
    This is a developing issue. The existing infrastructure is not capable of handling a substantial increase in population e.g. conflict between cars and trucks on Williamstown Road. There would need to be an effective buffer zone protecting residents from an expanded working port. Plans for new schools and extension to public transport would need to be drawn up. Any definite proposals from the Planning Minister must have a built in consultation process that take into account residents’ concerns.
    Princes Pier
    On Monday 5 December the Honourable Dennis Napthine, Minister for Major Projects, is inviting guests to view the structural refurbishment of the pier, the renewal of the heritage gatehouse and the initial public spaces on the new deck.
    Plans for determining further suitable uses for the deck and gatehouse, and the permanent maintenance regime, are yet to be finalised between the community, MPV, CoPP and Parks Victoria.

    Website presence at (amended)
    We encourage all members to check out the site, hit Subscribe to receive new posts and provide BCNA feedback through the link.
    BCNA Commitee 2011/2012
    President: Eddie Micallef 9645 1185
    Vice President: Greg Mate 9681 7441
    Secretary: Trevor Nink 9681 8283
    Treasurer: Dana Hlavacek 9646 8850
    Member: Ro Holmes 9649 1961
    Member: Bob Harrison 9645 2115
    Member: Glenda Beale 9676 2151
    Member: Robyn McKenna 9646 5259

    BCNA 2011/2012 subscriptions – now due

    Annual subscription $10 per household or Five (5) year membership $45 per household

    Please complete details below and post with cash/cheque payable to "Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association" to The Treasurer BCNA, Private Box 61, 103 Beach Street, Port Melbourne OR deliver to Private Post Box 103 Beach Street (behind IGA store, near notice board)
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    Cash/Cheque enclosed: □ $10 (1 year) or □ $45 (5 years)

    BCNA expresses its appreciation to Martin Foley MLA for support to print The Beacon

    Sunday 4 December 2011

    3207 Beach Patrol Group Clean

    3207 Beach Patrol Group Clean

    From Tom Burrows.....

    The next Group Clean is this Saturday 10 December at 9 am meet on Beach Street opposite the London Hotel

    Greetings beach patrollers!

    It is now one year since our happy group first assembled on a bright sunny day (yes - it was sunny!) to enjoy doing our little bit for a cleaner safer world.

    Dressed in our bright blue t shirts we collected mega bags of trash before an enjoyable chat over drinks. In the past year I reckon we have collected over 500 kgs of litter - mostly plastic! What a difference.

    Our summer clean this year - Saturday 10 December - is soon upon us.

    Please come along for this anniversary clean - and feel free to invite friends and family!
    9 am - on Beach Street opposite the London Hotel.

    I look forward to see you then!

    Cheers Tom

    Celebration in the Park

    Celebration in the Park

    Community Festival at Garden City Reserve

    Sunday 11 December 2011 1 pm to 4.30 pm

    Picnic in the Park

    Participate in the many activities

    Meet your neighbours and local groups

    Bring your friends and on-lead dogs

    Click here for full details