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Sat 6, 9-10am: Beach Patrol clean up - meet at Sandridge Beach
Sat 20, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets clean up - meet at Port Melbourne Town Hall

Sat 3, 9-10am: Beach Patrol clean up - meet at Lagoon Pier
Sat 17, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets clean up - meet at Olive's Corner (corner of Bay and Liardet Streets)

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Monday, 8 February 2021

Further Update on Hooning at Station Pier

Since our last update, the BCNA has written to the Mayor and Councillors about the hooning problem across the City of Port Phillip. Our letter acknowledged the work to date, and the improvement in behaviour, but asked Council to consider and invest in longer term measures. For example, portable CCTV cameras, improved lighting, an electronic sign, and the installation of a boom gate before the pedestrian crossing.

BCNA members spoke to Councillors about our request at Council’s most recent meeting. This led to Council agreeing to seek costings on the purchase and implementation of mobile CCTV trailers with police. Also, to seek a grant for the purchase of a mobile CCTV camera.

If you witness hoon driving and vehicle noise, please report it as we advised in December.

The BCNA thanks Councillors Pearl, Martin and Cunsolo for their work with the community on the hooning problem. This has led to increased police presence in the area, the installation of an electronic sign and CCTV cameras.

Local members and the BCNA will continue to meet Gateway Ward Councillors to discuss progress and further action. We also plan to meet the Hon. Martin Foley MP, and the Hon. Ben Carroll, Minister for Roads and Road Safety.

Update on 1-7 Waterfront Place

Since our last update the City of Port Phillip has confirmed that they will arrange a Webinar or a public meeting for the community to hear about the developer’s plans. This is likely to be held in about 4 weeks.

Council is still waiting on advice from the Government Architect.

BCNA Dinners

For many years the BCNA has arranged quarterly dinners for residents and friends. Dinners were not held in 2020 due to the covid pandemic. The committee has decided not to resume these dinners at this time.

Monday, 18 January 2021

Further Update on Hooning at Station Pier

It seems that local BCNA members living near Station Pier and the BCNA have helped to get attention to the hooning problem. The City of Port Phillip is working closely with Victoria Police and this has led to increased police presence in the area. The Police have also installed a portable CCTV facility (see photo). This seems to have led to some better behaviour.

The BCNA and local residents are meeting Councillors Cunsolo and Martin at Station Pier on Thursday to talk about progress and further action.

No Blessing of the Waters This Year

For those who enjoy the Greek Blessing of the Waters celebration at Princes Pier that usually takes place around this time of year, it seems it it won't take place this year.

Neos Kosmos reports that "This year the Holy Archdiocese of Australia has announced that the special event will not take place in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth due to pandemic"

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Plans for 1-7 Waterfront Place

Around 50 BCNA members attended the webinar organised by the developer on 1 December 2020. This was an opportunity to see and hear about their plans and to ask questions.

The proposal is for a 10-storey mixed use building comprising 122 residences. The Ground Floor will have a gym and wellness centre, art gallery, meeting rooms, providore, café, and public toilets. The plans can be accessed here.

Questions at the webinar included the lack of provision of car parking for visitors, the request to waive the provision of 17 car spaces for retail uses, overshadowing of the bike and pedestrian trails at the winter solstice, wind tunnel effects, car access from Beach Street, and the loading/unloading areas in the building. Once completed, the developers estimate that from 170 to 200 people will live in the building.

The BCNA welcomes the proposal. However, it should comply with all planning provisions of the City of Port Phillip Planning Scheme. Areas of concern are insufficient on-site parking for visitors and retail, overshadowing of the bike and pedestrian paths at the winter solstice, building setbacks and public access to commercial facilities. The BCNA has decided to lodge an objection on these issues.

The City of Port Phillip has asked the Government Architect for advice on the plans. This is expected soon. Council will also be organising a webinar for the community. The BCNA will provide details as soon as they are available.

Update on Hoon Driving & Vehicle Noise

Since our earlier post, the BCNA and residents met Councillors Cunsolo and Martin to further discuss plans for managing this problem. We were told that Victoria Police have briefed the City of Port Phillip on plans and actions they will be undertaking over the summer period. There was further discussion of the feasibility and options of video surveillance, better lighting, and the use of electronic signs around Station Pier.

If you witness hoon driving and vehicle noise, Victoria Police recommend:

  • Call 000 immediately if dangerous driving is occurring. Do not be fobbed off by the operator if you are told “we already know about it”. Insist on your report being taken.
  • Report incidents to Crime Stoppers at as this helps police to target repeat offenders and to focus on specific locations. If safe to do so, film video of incident and upload to Crime Stoppers.   

It is important to report these activities as if they are not reported and recorded, the Police don't know about it. Indeed, at the meeting, the Police were not aware of the problems in the area!

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Artisan Christmas Market on Bay Street - Saturday 12 December

The Port Melbourne Business Association (PMBA) has organised a free​ ​community event, the ​Port’s Artisan Christmas Market, as ​the perfect way to help the Port community get back on their feet after a hard 2020.

Consisting of around 100 different and unique selection of artisan’s offerings for you to browse through, the ​Port’s Artisan Christmas Market​ ​will feature a range of handmade, homemade, locally produced gifts, art pieces, designs, jewellery and more – there’s even something for our four legged friends!

For more information, go to the PMBA website at or Port's Artisan Christmas Market Facebook Page.

Beach Patrol and Love Our Streets are Back! - Saturday 5 December

It's great news that 3207 Beach Patrol and Love Our Streets group are recommencing beach and street cleans in December. The next BeachPatrol group clean will be:
Meeting at Lagoon Pier 
Saturday 5 Dececember, 9-10am

It will be conducted in a Covid-safe manner with necessary social distancing and hygiene precautions. They will be collecting names of all attendees for contact tracing requirements. If you prefer not to use shared litter collection bags and/or pickers, please bring your own. Remember gloves are not provided; please bring your own pair.

  • Have tested positive for COVID-19 or are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test.
  • Are generally unwell and have any flu-like symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, fatigue or runny nose, loss of sense of taste or smell).
  • Have been in direct contact with a person who has any (even mild) flu-like symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, fatigue or runny nose, loss of sense of taste or smell).
  • Have been to any destination for which quarantine restrictions apply on your return (for example a designated COVID-19 hotspot).
  • Have been in direct contact with any person suspected of or diagnosed with COVID-19.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

1-7 Waterfront Place - Plans Now on Display

The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) has now advertised the plans for the development at 1-7 Waterfront Place. They can be accessed by clicking this link which should take you directly to the permit section of the CoPP website, or by going to the planning applications section, selecting Browse the Planning Applications Register (top right), then clicking on New Search (bottom of page) and searching for Application number 490/2020.

The plans will be discussed at the webinar at 6pm next Tuesday 1 DecemberClick here for details of the webinar.