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  • Sat 17, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at Olive's Corner, corner Bay & Liardet Streets

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  • Sat 1, 9-10am: Beach Patrol, meeting at Sandridge Beach LSC
  • Sat 15, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at Edwards Park, corner Dow & Liardet Streets

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    Wednesday, 24 May 2023

    E-scooter Update

    The BCNA receives regular notice of concern from members about the use of e-scooters, in particular, the use and placing of them on footpaths. Our recent newsletter addresses this issue and the recent change of state laws regarding the use of e-scooters.

    Recently the City of Port Phillip Council received a petition from over one thousand residents that outlined concerns on this issue. Notice of this agenda item can be found here. Council considered this issue at its meeting on 3 May and passed a motion endorsing the council officer recommendations and adding a final point as follows:

    … Council uses local law Clause 49 – ‘interfering with council assets’ to control obstructions and our impounding process allows Council to remove dangerous items quickly, for example bikes and signage chained to our assets blocking the street, and has an agreement with the operators of shared e-scooters and shared e-bikes for removal where they are obstructing the footpaths or in no parking zones, and Council can impound these if no action is taken.

    Station Pier Maintenance

    Ports Victoria have advised us that they will be starting maintenance works at Station Pier later this month.  The annual pile rehabilitation program as well as routine works will be undertaken, including repainting the Gate House.

    Works will be carried out from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 7am and 5pm. They expect the program to be completed by late October.

    109 Tram - Power Supply Upgrade

    The Department of Transport and Planning is planning to increase the power supply on Route 109. Upgrading the tram power supply will lead to smoother rides and reduce sudden stops. 

    A tram substation will be built in the rail reserve near the tram line and Bridge Street. The Department wants to design and develop the substation in a way that:

    • fits with the character of the local area
    • uses landscaping, where possible, to integrate the facility in its setting.
    • minimises environmental impacts.
    • provides broader community benefits, where possible
    • minimises construction impacts to local businesses, residents, public transport users and commuters.

    More information can be obtained here.  Feedback can be provided on the proposed works at this site.

    Thursday, 4 May 2023

    Our Newsletter is Out

    Volunteers will be delivering the latest newsletter to residences over the coming days. This issue includes news on:
    • Hoon driving and related noise
    • Foodstore redevelopment at 103 Beach Street
    • The Barak Beacon public housing site
    • Council news affecting Beacon Cove: Dogs off leash in public spaces, and new Local Laws 2023 
    • E-scooters
    • BCNA’s residents’ dinners
    • Joining the BCNA
    BCNA thanks Nina Taylor, MP, Member for Albert Park, for arranging printing and Kosdown Press, Port Melbourne for folding the newsletter.

    The newsletter can be accessed here.

    Aircraft Noise

    The BCNA periodically receives queries about the frequency of helicopters and other aircraft in our skies. Of course, living in a major city carries some unfortunate disadvantages, this being one of them, and members may be aware that the northern part of Port Melbourne falls under a flight path for helicopters that are moving to and from the city.

    If you are concerned about aircraft noise and intrusion, you will find more detail on the web site for Airservices Australia (AA), which manages airspace and flight paths. AA has recently developed a new national Community Engagement Standard and is seeking input from communities on this. This is an opportunity for you to influence how Airservices Australia will engage on all future flight path and airspace changes. You can read the Standard and provide feedback direct to Airservices Australia at the this link.

    Sunday, 2 April 2023

    Upgrades to the Sandridge Bay Trail

    The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) is seeking community feedback on the upgrade to the area around the Bay Trail at Sandridge Beach. This is in response to safety concerns about how pedestrians, cyclists and cars move around the space and interact with each other.

    CoPP has been able to address some of these concerns with smaller safety works, but are now proposing more comprehensive improvements. To find out more information and to provide your feedback, please go to their ‘Have Your Say’ website. Consultation closes 5 pm, Sunday 16 April.

    Port of Melbourne Boat Tours

    The Port of Melbourne have organised community boat tours on the 22 April, 7 May, 27 and 28 May. The tours are family-friendly events and are a safe way to see Australia’s busiest port, right on the city’s doorstep. The Port of Melbourne is Australia’s largest container and general cargo port and a vital trade gateway – whether sending Australian grain to Guangzhou or bringing us coffee from Colombia. 

    There is guided commentary from port staff. The ticket fee is donated to Mission to Seafarers Victoria and Stella Maris Seafarer Centre who support the thousands of seafarers who spend months at sea bringing goods to us every day of the year. To book, click here.

    Wednesday, 29 March 2023

    VCAT Refuses Planning Application for 40 The Crescent

    In response to the City of Port Phillip's (CoPP) refusal of the planning application for 40 The Crescent the owners appealed the decision to VCAT. The principal concern by Council was the proposed 3rd storey as the nearby area comprises 1-2 storeys. Council's reasons for the refusal are shown here.

    The BCNA, as well as several nearby residents, supported Council's decision to refuse a planning permit and were involved in the VCAT Hearing.

    VCAT recently confirmed Council's decision to refuse a permit. Reasons cited by the VCAT Member included:

    "..I consider that the intent of the planning objectives and controls is to deliver on the neighbourhood character objectives of NRZ4 and NCO5, which include to 'reinforce the existing neighbourhood character..' (Para 38).

    Full details of VCAT's decision are shown here.

    While we understand the owners may be disappointed by VCAT's decision, the BCNA is pleased that the Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Character Guidelines are being enforced as they are designed to maintain the character of the estate. 

    To avoid planning permission problems, the BCNA encourages Beacon Cove residents who are planning external alterations to their homes to consult the relevant Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Character Guidelines, provide them to their architect, and to discuss the scope of their plans with CoPP planning officers before getting any detailed work done.

    Town Planning provisions in Beacon Cove

    The BCNA often gets questions about the town planning provisions that apply to Beacon Cove. To assist those who have not seen our advice before, such as in 2021, we are reposting the relevant information.

    Beacon Cove is unique in that it is a planned estate.  It was developed by Mirvac with the Victorian government in the 1990s in stages over ten years. The area is protected by Neighbourhood Character Overlays in the City of Port Phillip (CoPP) planning scheme.  A key explanatory document is the Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Character Guidelines shown here. Each area of the estate has specific guidelines which are shown in this document.

    The BCNA believes most members support the unique character and amenity of the area and would like to see it maintained. The BCNA believes the best way to do this is for all developments to comply with the Beacon Cove provisions of the CoPP planning scheme. 

    From time to time residents seek advice on how to manage disputes regarding planning applications. The BCNA has prepared a short guide to assist members. Wherever possible, we encourage discussion with the owner to explain your concerns. Your concerns may be able to be resolved. Either party may also wish to discuss issues with the BCNA committee. To raise the matter with BCNA please email

    The BCNA position on planning controls can be downloaded here. There is also a permanent link to the document in the right-hand column of our website under the heading "Reference Information and Documents" so that is where to look if you need it in future.

    BCNA Budget submission

    Over the months of March to May each year, the City of Port Phillip (CoPP) develops its budget for the coming financial year. Each year the BCNA makes a submission to CoPP outlining priorities for consideration. This year our submission proposes that priority should be on measures to counter hoon driving and excessive vehicle noise, cooperative action with the Victorian Government and Ports Victoria to enhance the Waterfront Place precinct, additional beach cleaning at the head of the Prince's Street drain, enforcement of off leash areas for dogs, creation of a family reserve near Port Melbourne Lifesaving Clubhouse, and graffiti removal.  Details are shown in the submission here.