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Friday, 1 October 2021

Plans for 103 Beach Street (Foodstore Site)

Since our last update, the developers have finalised plans to submit to the City of Port Phillip (Council). The proposal is for an ‘up market’ five-level building comprising twenty-two apartments, a supermarket and cafĂ©/bar on the ground floor, and two levels of basement parking.

The entrance to the supermarket will be from the car park on the north side. Height will increase to eighteen metres. There is no change to the footprint of the building. There is little change in overshadowing of the public realm at the September equinox (from the previously approved plans) but more at the June solstice.

The developer expects to submit plans to Council very soon. The plans will be advertised before being considered by Council. Ideally, the developer would like to commence construction early in January 2022. The construction phase is expected to take 18 months.

The BCNA welcomes development at this site. We would like the proposed tram line duplication to occur at the same time as construction, thereby minimising disruption to the community. The BCNA will work with the developer and Yarra Trams to promote this. The BCNA would also like to see more car parking spaces provided on the north side of the building. We will discuss this with Council.

The owners have undertaken to monitor and remove graffiti at the site when COVID restrictions allow.

City of Port Phillip Commits to Anti-Hoon Measures

Since our last update, the City of Port Phillip (Council) met on 15th September and considered a staff report on anti hoon measures. The report recommended continued work by Council officers, police, and the Department of Transport to prevent anti-social behaviour; the reduction of speed limits, physical barriers and the review of existing signs and parking restrictions in certain streets; and that Council officers advocate for the development and use of noise camera technology by police and the State Department of Transport and to report back to Council. These measures were agreed. Surprisingly, there was no recommendation that the City of Port Phillip acquire a mobile CCTV camera but continue to rely on borrowing the City of Stonnington’s unit.

The BCNA contacted Gateway Ward Councillors Marcus Pearl, Heather Cunsolo, and Peter Martin ahead of the meeting and asked that they support Council acquiring a unit. Thanks to their efforts, Council agreed that a detailed report should come to Council in October for the purchase or hire of a mobile CCTV unit.

The BCNA thanks Councillors Pearl, Cunsolo and Martin for their support on this issue.

Thursday, 9 September 2021

1-7 Waterfront Place Developer Appeals to VCAT

The developer of the site at 1-7 Waterfront Place has decided to appeal the City of Port Phillip's (CoPP) decision regarding the site to VCAT.

The CoPP approved the developer’s plans at a Planning Committee meeting on 24 June, but with amendments to minimise overshadowing of the bike path at the winter solstice as explained here. The implications of CoPP's amendments mean that there would be a reduction in height from 10-storeys as explained here, and this is not acceptable to the developer.

Details of the appeal are explained here.

VCAT has scheduled a compulsory meeting between the CoPP and the developer for 5 November 2021. If there is no resolution at this meeting, there will be a hearing from 23-25 March 2022.

BCNA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This year’s BCNA AGM will be held on Thursday 11 November 2021. It will be held either at the Trugo Club in Garden City Reserve, or by Zoom. We will confirm arrangements closer to the date. It will commence at 6.30 pm.

Reports and the annual Financial Statement for the BCNA will be presented. The election of office bearers will occur. The Guest Speaker will be Inspector Helen Chugg, the Local Area Commander for Port Phillip Police Service Area. The BCNA has been working with Inspector Chugg to develop anti-hoon programs for the area.

The Hon. Martin Foley, MP has been invited to provide a brief report on local issues.

Financial members will be sent the agenda and papers in early October along with details about the venue.

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Plans for 103 Beach Street (the Foodstore Site)

As reported earlier this site has new owners. It has been bought by the Luxcon group

The BCNA is hoping to meet representatives of the owners very soon to hear about the plans. We will  pass on details as soon as possible.

Council Support for Anti-Hoon Measures

Since our last update, the BCNA has formally asked the City of Port Phillip (Council) to allocate funds for the purchase of one or more mobile CCTV units. We have also asked the Council to investigate the use of acoustic traffic cameras and to report back to Council later this year.

The mobile CCTV units would be deployed by police to areas of need across the City of Port Phillip. The units serve as a deterrent to those considering anti-social behaviour and assist police in identifying offenders.

The BCNA has been contacting other residents’ groups in Port Phillip to share information about anti hoon programs and to gain support for Council spending on anti hoon measures. Council will formally discuss the BCNA request at a future meeting.

Monday, 16 August 2021

Town Planning, Covenants and Dispute Resolution in Beacon Cove

Apologies to those who have seen this item before however, even though we posted on this subject back in 2017 and 2019, we still get lots of enquiries for assistance and support regarding planning controls and disputes. So to assist those who haven't seen it before we're reposting the relevant information.

The BCNA supports upgrades to homes so long as changes comply with the Port Phillip Planning Scheme. Compliance iwth the planning scheme is the best way to maintain the unique character and amenity of Beacon Cove.

From time-to-time residents seek advice on how to manage disputes regarding planning applications. The BCNA has prepared a short guide to assist members. Wherever possible, we encourage discussion with the owner to explain your concerns. Your concerns may be able to be resolved. 

The BCNA position on planning controls and disputes can be downloaded here. There is also a permanent link to the document in the right hand column of our website under the heading "Reference Information and Documents" so that's where to look if you need it in future.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Anti-Hoon Programs and Victoria Police

Since our last update, members of the BCNA and the Port Melbourne Road Safety Group (PMRSG) have met Inspector Helen Chugg, the officer in charge of the Port Phillip Police Service Area. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss current and longer-term measures to deter hoon behaviour such as those that we have advocated to the Hon Ben Carroll MP. They include the greater use of mobile speed cameras to respond to changing hoon venues, the introduction of acoustic cameras, and the strengthening of laws and penalties for some offences.

Unfortunately, the City of Port Phillip (CoPP) was unsuccessful in obtaining a grant from the Victorian Government to purchase of a mobile CCTV unit like the one used last summer at Station Pier. The unit shown below was borrowed from the City of Stonnington. The BCNA has asked Gateway Ward Councillors to support Council purchasing a mobile CCTV unit for use across the municipality.

Inspector Chugg agreed to meet the BCNA and PMRSG later this year to further discuss anti hoon measures and the program for Beacon Cove over the summer months. Inspector Chugg re-iterated the importance of reporting hoon behaviour as explained earlier. If it is not reported, police do not know about it.

Council News Affecting Beacon Cove

The BCNA regularly meets City of Port Phillip (CoPP) Gateway Ward Councillors to discuss issues of mutual interest. At our recent meeting on 13th July with the Deputy Mayor, Marcus Pearl, and Councillors Cunsolo and Martin we discussed:

  • Princes Street drain: The BCNA has proposed a joint approach to Melbourne Water to seek priority for an upgrade of this drain. This is due to health and amenity concerns as explained here.  We were told that a report is being prepared about options.
  • Safety concerns with the Princes Street pedestrian crossing (near the corner of Rouse Street): Nearby residents and the BCNA have raised safety concerns. As a result, the CoPP has installed warning signs in Princes and Rouse Streets to alert drivers to the presence of the pedestrian crossing. Temporary improvements in lighting are planned in 2021/22 before longer term improvements are considered in 2022/23. Once work has finished on the construction of the new apartments at 92 Beach Street and 2-4 Princes Street, traffic surveys will be undertaken to consider whether any permanent measures are required.
  • Need for a traffic management plan for the Graham Street/Williamstown Road intersection: Residents have asked about the safety of school children, cyclists and cars at this intersection given the opening of the Port Melbourne Secondary College in February 2022.
    The Councillors report that officers have been meeting with the Department of Transport and the Victorian School Building Authority to identify immediate safety improvements for surrounding streets. The Department of Transport is considering a reduction in the speed limit from 60 km/h to 40 km/h during school hours on Williamstown Road as well as a signalised pedestrian crossing to allow safe access to the new school. Council officers have advocated for a reduction in the speed limit on Williamstown Road from 60 km/h to 50 km/h. Additional safety measures are being considered for the intersection of Plummer and Graham Streets.

Friday, 2 July 2021

Implications of Council’s Approval of Plans for 1-7 Waterfront Place

The BCNA welcomes the City of Port Phillip's (CoPP) approval of plans for a building on the 1-7 Waterfron Place site.

The BCNA recognises that there are differing views in the community about development on the site. We will continue to work with key stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome for the community.

The two amendments passed by the CoPP at its Planning Committee meeting on 24 June 2021 are about minimising overshadowing of the bike path along Waterfront Place at the June solstice. This is a requirement of the Port Phillip Planning Scheme. It is stated in Design requirement B8 in Design and Development Overlay 23.

The amendments passed by the CoPP are:

  • “…rooftop services to be sited and designed so as not to cast shadows to the bicycle paths along Waterfront Place at the June Solstice, between the hours of 12 midday and 3pm, and are not visible from Beach Street.”
  • “…the reduction in the built form of the development above the podium, so as not to cast shadows onto the bicycle paths along Waterfront Place, between the hours of 12 midday to 3pm at the June solstice.”

Other than a reduction in building height, it is not clear how the design would need to change to comply with these amendments. If the changes are not acceptable to the developer, he may appeal to VCAT.

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Council Approves Plans for 1-7 Waterfront Place

The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) approved plans for this site last Thursday night.

The proposal is for a 10-storey (35 metres) mixed use building comprising 119 residences. The Ground Floor will have a gym, meeting rooms and shop, food, and drink premises. Further information about the building is shown in the CoPP Planning Committee paper.    

The BCNA welcomes the Council’s decision. We have long sought a resolution about use while trying to achieve a good outcome for the community.

The approved plans incorporate design improvements following further feedback from the community, the Office of the Victorian Government Architect and Heritage Victoria. The BCNA has had constructive discussions with the developer during the design phase.

At Thursday night’s meeting, the Council agreed to amendments sought by objectors, including the BCNA, to ensure compliance with the Design requirement B8 (of the Design and Development Overlay 23) “Development should minimise overshadowing beyond the southern kerb line of Waterfront Place between 9 am and 3 pm at the June solstice.” The BCNA believes the plans did not comply as a high proportion of the bike and pedestrian paths were in shadow from 9am to 3pm. Sunlight into this area is highly valued as residents and visitors have enjoyed year-round sun since inception of the Mirvac designed estate in the 1990s. The Council’s amendments have the effect of allowing sunshine onto the bike path along Waterfront Place from 12 noon to 3pm.

Two artist’s depictions of the building are shown below:

View from South East

View from South West

New Owners for 103 Beach Street (Foodstore Site)

This site has new owners.  

The new owners are making some amendments to Council’s approved plans. The amendments include a third basement level. This will allow all loading/unloading to be handled on a basement level.

The new owners hope to commence construction later this year - construction is expected to take about 18 months. When more details are available, we will pass them on.

Record Membership

Thank you to all who have renewed their memberships, or who have joined the BCNA in 2020/21. Membership continues to grow and is now 462, a new record for BCNA.  

The BCNA continues to be active on your behalf in protecting and enhancing the amenity of the area. Our last newsletter as well as posts to this website explain the issues we are involved with on your behalf.

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Princes Street Storm Water Drain

The BCNA has been advocating for an upgrade to this drain for many years. Storm water discharges directly onto Port Melbourne beach and after heavy rain events a large area of the beach can be covered with an unsightly scum. For example:

The discharge constitutes a health hazard and the pond at the mouth of the drain is an attractive area for children. The discharge also presents a poor image to tourists and visitors.

The drain is the responsibility of Melbourne Water.

The BCNA has discussed our concerns with Councillors Pearl, Cunsolo and Martin and recently raised them at a meeting with Louise Crawford, Mayor of the City of Port Phillip. The BCNA is proposing that the drain be given priority for an upgrade by Melbourne Water.

Fishermans Bend Secondary College - Community Input Sought for Name

Anyone who drives through the intersection of Plummer and Graham Streets will notice the emerging bulk of the new Fishermans Bend Secondary College. The form of the school in the shape of a ship is readily apparent and work is focused on finishing the outside skin and moving into the internal fit out.

The state-of-the-art school will have an enrolment capacity of 1,100 students and is scheduled to open in February 2022 with a cohort of Y7 students from its designated catchment. Beacon Cove fits within that catchment, with Bay St forming the dividing line between the school and the existing Albert Park College.

The school showcases an environmentally sustainable design and will feature high-tech amenities with a strong focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths). There will also be an array of arts, food technology, sports and Learning Resource Centre spaces that can be shared with the community.

Facilities will include the following:

  • Gymnasium with competition-grade basketball and netball facilities
  • Food technology area with commercial-grade kitchen and canteen
  • Performing arts amenities
  • Fabrication lab 
  • Robotics workshop
  • 200-seat lecture theatre 
  • Outdoor terraces
  • Urban garden with recreational ball sports areas
  • Kitchen garden

An architectural perspective of the new school fitting into its surrounds is illustrated below.

The school carries an interim name of Fishermans Bend Secondary College but community input to its permanent name is now being sought. You can have your say here.

More details about the school, including design parameters, community feedback to date and other pictures can be found here.

Garden City Bike Path

The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) is proposing to upgrade the path to improve connections for bike riders by linking Garden City Reserve to the Sandridge and Bay Trail shared path networks.

The project is designed to improve access for bike riders and make Beacon Road and Swallow Street safer for all users. The new bike trail is denoted green in the map below.

CoPP staff recently provided a briefing to the BCNA. Design and safety concerns were discussed. CoPP staff have undertaken to examine our concerns.

The upgrade is included in CoPP's draft budget for 2021/22. The expected cost is $1.512 million.

More information is shown on the CoPP's website here.

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Cat Found in Beacon Cove

Is this young puss, YOUR CAT?? 

If this is your cat, or you know to whom he belongs, please call Shirley on 0418 510 516. Also please ask your neighbours. Click here for an A4 sheet with his photo if you want to print something out.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

New Plans for 1-7 Waterfront Place

Following the consultation meeting in March the developer has lodged new plans (Application Number 490/2020, the revised plans are marked as S57A) with the City of Port Phillip (CoPP). The new plans incorporate design improvements following feedback from the community, the Office of the Victorian Government Architect and Heritage Victoria.

The BCNA welcomes the improvements in design. The improvements include an increase in the tower setback on the western edge, an increase in tower and podium setbacks on Waterfront Place, and an increase in basement car parking.

The BCNA remains keen to see a resolution as to use of the site. We have requested the CoPP to work collaboratively with all parties to find a resolution.

The BCNA’s primary concerns with the earlier plans were about insufficient parking within the building for residents, retail services and users of the gym; and overshadowing of the bike and pedestrian paths. The new plans are proposing a greater allocation of parking to residents. However, we would like to see more parking spaces allocated to users of the gym and retail services, so avoiding building users parking in nearby streets. Overshadowing of the bike and pedestrian paths along Waterfront Place remains a concern as the developer has not sought to minimise overshadowing at the Winter Solstice as required by the Port Phillip Planning Scheme. Most of the bike and pedestrian paths will remain in shadow. The BCNA has decided to object, primarily, about overshadowing of the bike and pedestrian paths at the Winter Solstice and has requested a greater allocation of parking spaces to users of the gym and retail services.  The BCNA submission can be found here.

The CoPP will now consider feedback from the community about the revised plans. The BCNA encourages members to look at the plans and respond directly to the council online.

BCNA Objects to Development at 81 Beacon Vista

There is a proposal (Application Number 902/2020) at 81 Beacon Vista to undertake a partial demolition, alterations and additions, and the construction of ground, first and second floor additions. The BCNA has decided to object to this development because it would substantially change the character of the area. The BCNA believes the proposal does not comply with the Neighbourhood Character Overlay of the Port Phillip Planning Scheme.

81 Beacon Vista is a residence with a distinct tower form on a corner block. The proposed extension to the tower is not in keeping with the surrounding area. The addition also imposes massing and visual bulk to the detriment of the surrounding area. Overall, the proposal is not in keeping with the policies for development in the Port Phillip Planning Scheme.  The BCNA submission can be found here. The BCNA encourages members to look at the plans and respond directly to the council online.

Draft Council Plan and Draft Budget 2021/22

The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) has released a draft Council Plan 2021-31 and a draft budget for 2021-22.

Proposed capital works for Port Melbourne are shown on pages 62-63 of Council’s draft Plan and includes funds for Station Pier Jetty and Boardwalk Renewal, and a toilet upgrade at Waterfront Place.

Councill’s draft budget for 2021/22 shows an expected surplus of $14 million. It assumes a rate increase of 1.5%. Details are shown on the City of Port Phillip’s website at Comments on both documents will be received up until 23rd May 2021.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Our Latest Newsletter is Out

Volunteers are currently dropping copies of our newsletter in mailboxes throughout Beacon Cove. It covers a number of topics including:

  • Vale Richard Nowotny
  • Hoon driving and noise
  • 1-7 Waterfront Place
  • Creation of Ports Victoria
  • Beacon Cove Foodstore Redevelopment - 103 Beach Street
  • Council budget submission
  • BCNA residents' dinner

To get it (in PDF form), click on this link.  And please send it onto others in Beacon Cove who may not see our webpage or get the email notification.

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Update on 1-7 Waterfront Place

The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) convened a consultation meeting for the developer and objectors last Tuesday, 23rd March at the Port Melbourne Town Hall. The CoPP's consultation meetings are designed to try and resolve planning issues before they are considered by the Council.

The developer’s representatives attended as did around 11 Objectors. The BCNA representatives attended and spoke to concerns about insufficient on-site parking and overshadowing of the bike and pedestrian paths at the winter solstice as explained in our submission. These and other concerns were raised at a webinar organised by the developer last December.

The developer’s representatives explained that they have addressed some of the concerns of objectors. They specifically mentioned parking within the building for retail staff and have increased the set-back of the building from the boundary to the west. The changes will be incorporated in revised plans to be submitted to Council.

Collectively, objectors mentioned the following: current difficulties of parking in the area and the need for greater parking provision within the building for retail staff and visitors; increased traffic as a result of the development; a 'large mass' building; scale and density not in keeping with the area; overshadowing of bike and pedestrian paths at the winter solstice; building setbacks; impact on heritage railway station; that the building does not reflect the maritime heritage of the area; that the area was planned by Major Projects Victoria and Mirvac to be for low rise community use; and that there is nothing of interest for cruise ship patrons (i.e. no shops for tourists).

All Gateway Ward Councillors attended. The next step is for the developer to submit revised plans. These will be advertised. Another consultation meeting may be held before officers develop recommendations for Council’s Planning Committee.

Hoon Driving and Vehicle Noise

Since our last update, the BCNA and the Port Melbourne Road Safety Group (a group of residents formed to combat hoon driving and other road safety issues) have undertaken research into anti-hoon laws and remediation programs in other states. The research proposes greater use of mobile speed cameras to respond to changing hoon venues, the introduction of acoustic cameras, the strengthening of laws and penalties for some offences, enhancements to existing road safety programs, streamlined reporting of hoon driving and related noise events, and greater publicity around arrests of hoon drivers and confiscation of vehicles.

These proposals have been summarised in letters to our local state member, The Hon Martin Foley MP, and the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, The Hon Ben Carroll MP.  These letters, such as the one to Minister Carroll, have emphasised the impact on mental health and well-being of the instances of hoon driving and excessive vehicular noise.  We are also pleased to observe the continued police focus on noise and hoon driving, as reported by Victoria Police’s Inspector Helen Chugg's Eyewatch report for the Port Phillip Police Service Area.   

In a further development, the Port Melbourne Road Safety Group has been asked to add hoon jet skis to its agenda. Preliminary discussions have been held with Lifesaving Victoria and a related article on this issue is below.

Jet Ski Behaviour

Jet skis are classified as personal watercraft (PWC) and must be registered, with the rego number displayed on the side of the vessel. To drive a jet ski, one needs a marine licence with a PWC endorsement and to attain that, one needs to be at least 16 years old. Jet skis typically weigh around 350kg and have top speeds of 60 to 100kph, so they can be lethal in the wrong hands. In 2016, a swimmer was killed by a jet ski in Port Melbourne waters.

The primary restriction governing jet ski use apply within 200 meters of shore in enclosed waters. This limit is marked by yellow poles at most beaches in the City of Port Phillip and typically no boats are allowed inside this zone or only at a maximum of 5 knots (roughly jogging pace). The location of these areas along the Port Melbourne shoreline is outlined below (download larger image here). Each yellow X signifies a pole.

Jet skis must also slow to 5 knots within 50 meters of a person, another vessel or a fixed or floating structure. If within the 5-knot zone, operators of jet skis are required to:

  • navigate the jet ski in the safest most direct course to and from the shore. The shore includes the beach, boat ramp or berthing facility including a jetty, pier or mooring.
  • avoid any irregular riding or freestyling within the five knot speed restriction zones, for example, donuts, circles, weaving.

If you see a jet ski contravening these restrictions, or being operated in a dangerous or life-threatening manner, record the registration number, and immediately call '000' to report the incident to the Police.

Friday, 12 March 2021

BCNA’s Budget Submission to Council

BCNA representatives recently met Gateway Ward Councillors Marcus Pearl, Heather Cunsolo, and Peter Martin and discussed the BCNA’s submission for Council’s upcoming budget. Topics discussed included redevelopment of the Waterfront Place precinct which BCNA has advocated for several years, support for the redevelopment of the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club’s proposal for a family reserve near the club and an upgrade of toilets and change rooms, and improved cleaning of the beach near the Princes Street drain. The BCNA submission can be accessed here.    

Progress on 103 Beach Street (Foodstore Site)

The City of Port Phillip approved the building plans in December 2020. The developer is discussing plans with several local and large residential property selling agents before marketing and pre-selling commences. The proposal is for a four-storey development of similar height to the existing building, comprising 15 apartments with retail premises on the ground floor. Construction is expected to take about 18 months.

Ports Victoria

The Victorian Government has announced the creation of a new entity, Ports Victoria. The new organisation will be the result of merging the Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne) (VPCM) with the Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA). The merger is designed to rationalise back-office systems, cut ‘red tape’ and boost safety. The new organisation will commence business on 1 July 2021. Station Pier continues as a berth for cruise ships and other boats. Further details can be found here.

Treasurer for BCNA

Graham Kemp, a BCNA member, has joined the Committee and takes on the Treasurer role. Graham has qualifications in business and accounting and is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA). We welcome Graham to the Committee.

Monday, 8 February 2021

Further Update on Hooning at Station Pier

Since our last update, the BCNA has written to the Mayor and Councillors about the hooning problem across the City of Port Phillip. Our letter acknowledged the work to date, and the improvement in behaviour, but asked Council to consider and invest in longer term measures. For example, portable CCTV cameras, improved lighting, an electronic sign, and the installation of a boom gate before the pedestrian crossing.

BCNA members spoke to Councillors about our request at Council’s most recent meeting. This led to Council agreeing to seek costings on the purchase and implementation of mobile CCTV trailers with police. Also, to seek a grant for the purchase of a mobile CCTV camera.

If you witness hoon driving and vehicle noise, please report it as we advised in December.

The BCNA thanks Councillors Pearl, Martin and Cunsolo for their work with the community on the hooning problem. This has led to increased police presence in the area, the installation of an electronic sign and CCTV cameras.

Local members and the BCNA will continue to meet Gateway Ward Councillors to discuss progress and further action. We also plan to meet the Hon. Martin Foley MP, and the Hon. Ben Carroll, Minister for Roads and Road Safety.

Update on 1-7 Waterfront Place

Since our last update the City of Port Phillip has confirmed that they will arrange a Webinar or a public meeting for the community to hear about the developer’s plans. This is likely to be held in about 4 weeks.

Council is still waiting on advice from the Government Architect.

BCNA Dinners

For many years the BCNA has arranged quarterly dinners for residents and friends. Dinners were not held in 2020 due to the covid pandemic. The committee has decided not to resume these dinners at this time.

Monday, 18 January 2021

Further Update on Hooning at Station Pier

It seems that local BCNA members living near Station Pier and the BCNA have helped to get attention to the hooning problem. The City of Port Phillip is working closely with Victoria Police and this has led to increased police presence in the area. The Police have also installed a portable CCTV facility (see photo). This seems to have led to some better behaviour.

The BCNA and local residents are meeting Councillors Cunsolo and Martin at Station Pier on Thursday to talk about progress and further action.

No Blessing of the Waters This Year

For those who enjoy the Greek Blessing of the Waters celebration at Princes Pier that usually takes place around this time of year, it seems it it won't take place this year.

Neos Kosmos reports that "This year the Holy Archdiocese of Australia has announced that the special event will not take place in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth due to pandemic"