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    Monday 27 July 2015

    Webb Dock Works 27 July - 2 August

    This week's works notice can be downloaded here.  Not a lot new this week but note that they have been doing further work on the lane arrangements heading north on Todd Road.  A lane diagram is included in the notice.

    Monday 20 July 2015

    ARTcontained Starting this Week on Station Pier

    ARTcontained, a community art project, will start this week on Station Pier.  More details can be downloaded here.

    Perce White Reserve and Maritime Cove - Rabbit Baiting

    Contractors will shortly commence a vermin control program within Perce White Reserve and the Maritime Cove area. More details can be downloaded here.

    Thursday 16 July 2015

    Todd Road's New Traffic Layout and Webb Dock Works

    Those of you have been on Todd Road since it has reopened will notice the lane layout is different and, given the number of people making U turns, not as expected.

    The Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) have kindly provided a diagram of the lanes on this week's advisory notice which can be downloaded here.

    If you haven't been on Todd Road yet, or got confused (like me) last time, you may find it helpful!

    Monday 13 July 2015

    Beach Street Separated Queueing Lane Update

    The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) recently held a workshop on this matter. The purpose of the workshop was to assist Council in developing success criteria for concept designs for the Beach Street separated queueing lane.  This concept of this lane has previously been raised and discussed as part of the Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design consultation process and is to to facilitate the traffic flow problems when cruise ship and Spirit of Tasmania generated traffic competes with peak hour traffic.

    Themes for discussion at the workshop were:

    • Reduced queueing for local traffic
    • Impact on parking
    • Impact on memorials
    • Reduction in open space

    The BCNA was among a number of key stakeholders were asked to help establish the successful criteria for the concept design.  We raised the potential impact of altering the kerb adjacent to 1-7 Waterfront Place and the shadowing to the kerb as outlined the 1-7 Waterfront Place C-104 building design.

    A further forum will be held and the outcome of the community consultation will be presented to the broader community at a public meeting being held on October 25th.

    More details of the workshop can be downloaded here.

    Impact of Ship Bunker Fuel Emissions

    BCNA members recently met Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staff to discuss bunker fuel emissions from ships berthed at Station Pier.  For some time now, nearby residents have been concerned that wind-borne emissions from cruise ships and the Spirit of Tasmania may pose health and amenity risks.

    The EPA is suggesting that the first step is the development of a monitoring program.  This will establish a baseline for ambient air quality (when no ships are at berth) for comparison to those times when large ships are berthed at Station Pier.  This will need careful design taking into account local weather, wind and geography.   The EPA will contact the Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) to arrange a meeting with BCNA and other local groups in the near future.

    Fishermans Bend Community Forum Update

    The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) convenes the Fishermans Bend Community Forum.  Its purpose is to provide a regular opportunity for two way dialogue between the community and Council regarding the development of Fishermans Bend.  The Forum uses the expertise of the community and the feedback informs Council in its decision making.   It comprises representatives of community organisations, residents groups, local businesses and Councillors.  BCNA is represented.

    At the June meeting, Environment Protection Authority (EPA) representatives explained that they have commenced groundwater studies of the area. Using information on the history of Fishermans Bend they are sampling across the area in public spaces only. Information from the studies will be used in the planning process and provided to developers.

    Council has asked the Community Forum for its vision for this area which will contain the new primary school. This will be discussed at future meetings of the Forum. The vision will inform the types of infrastructure required near the school.  A Ministerial Advisory Committee is being selected to advise the Minister on all aspects of planning for Fishermans Bend. This committee is expected to be finalised around the end of July.

    Monday 6 July 2015

    Beacon Cove Marine Asset Upgrade Works

    The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) has recently started work on upgrading and repairing some of the timber and structural assets on the Beacon Cove promenade.  A PDF which summarises the work can be downloaded here.

    Webb Dock Works 6-12 July

    This week's works notice can be downloaded here.  Note that

    • The northbound land on Todd Road under the bridge re-opened this morning.
    • The next piling program is expected to start in September.