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  • Sat 6, 9-10am: Beach Patrol, meeting at Sandridge Beach LSC
  • Thu 11, 6pm: BCNA Community Dinner
  • Sat 20, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at Garden City shops

  • August
  • Sat 3, 9-10am: Beach Patrol, meeting at Princes Pier
  • Sat 17, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at 109 North Port tram stop
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    Sunday 25 July 2010

    Bay and Liardet Streets Intersection

    Bay and Liardet Streets Intersection Project

    Public Comment by Internet Survey due by 13 August

    Information Session: Port Melbourne Town Hall
    Wed 4 Aug, 6pm to 7.30 pm
    RSVP by 30 July for attendance: Phone 9209 6392 or Email Tony H.Y. To at

    The City of Port Phillip is working on a project for the traffic improvement of Bay and Liardet Streets Intersection.

    Four options were initially considered and these have been narrowed down to two remaining options. This is outlined in the attached City of Port Phillip Fact Sheet. Public comments on the remaining 2 options are due by 13 August 2010.

    Detail information and the public survey are available on

    Saturday 24 July 2010

    Prince Pier - Have Your Say

    Princes Pier Have Your Say
    Responses required from our members by 31 July 2010
    Thank you to those members who have submitted their views.
    Please take some time to respond to ensure that your views and ideas are part of the community consultation process.
    Click here for the BCNA request

    Sunday 18 July 2010

    BCNA Input to Princes Pier

    Reminder to Members
    BCNA Member Input to Princes Pier redevelopment

    Seeking Your Input On Princes Pier

    Click on Princes Pier to read the request due by 31 July

    Friday 9 July 2010

    C'est Bon

    C’est Bon

    A wonderful evening was had by over 60 members at C’est Bon in Bay Street Port Melbourne on Wednesday. The meals of Duck, Chicken, Fish or Steak kept the winter chills away and which were finished with lovely desserts.

    Thank you to Trish, the chefs, and wait staff for ensuring we enjoyed the evening.

    President Eddie welcomed everyone, gave an update on the association and opened the floor to questions.

    Sunday 4 July 2010

    BCNA Membership Consultation on Princes Pier - Feedback request by 31 July

    BCNA Membership Consultation on Princes Pier

    As you will be aware the MPV Project on the infrastructure works of Princes Pier continues. An updated view on this is contained in the following eblog post which we recommend you read. It describes a view of Princes Pier and the Gatehouse at the completion of this project.

    The City of Port Phillip is preparing a Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design Framework (UDF), and as part of that planning, the future use for Princes Pier is being considered. No funding has been presently identified for any further development than outlined in the previous update.

    We would like to gather the ideas and concerns of our membership on:
    • the historical commemoration of the pier, and
    • community amenity use of the restored Princes Pier including the Gatehouse.

    We would welcome input by email by no later than 31 July to

    To aid the compilation of the ideas and concerns, we ask that you consider framing your response under the following question headings. However please do not allow this to restrict your response, if you would like to speak directly to a committee member please do so.

    Question 1
    What items or activities would you consider appropriate to represent the historical commemoration of activities or events - on Princes Pier or in the Gatehouse?

    Question 2
    What items or uses would you consider appropriate to provide community amenity from the MPV restoration of Princes Pier and the Gatehouse?

    Question 3
    For local residents what concerns should be considered in the activities or usage on Princes Pier or in the Gatehouse?

    Question 4
    Do you have any views on who the future controller of Princes Pier should be? If so, why?

    Ideas to prompt Input

    To prompt your responses we list a number of ideas and concepts noted over time to stimulate your thoughts. They are not the views of the committee, they are in no particular order, nor consider their viability or otherwise. You may wish to indicate any you are in favour of, or otherwise, or develop them further; or provide new input.
    o Ferry Stop – between Williamstown, City, St Kilda, Port Melbourne
    o Locate historic society in the gatehouse
    o Ground Floor information
    o Public Toilet access
    o Public activation – BBQ, swimming/wading pools, sand beach, chess board – large scale, seating
    o Provide for an old ship museum
    o Boat moorings
    o Provide a stage for concerts or movies – some sort of opening and closing screen
    o Introduce water rail stop
    o Activate Princes Pier by reintroducing port related activities - such as relocating the Spirit of Tasmania ferry services
    o Provide better access between the two piers to accommodate the above and improve connectivity between the Station and Princes Piers
    o Provide full disable access between the piers and further west , and to car parking – including wheelchair, scooters, prams etc, so not to compete with bikes
    o Provide a destination and ensure views are kept.... Gatehouse and beyond the gatehouse
    o Restored gatehouse could be used for a museum, cafe, meetings rooms....restore to maintain flexibility of use
    o Improve the sense of arrival, occasion for watercraft passengers, arrival, unloading with people movement
    o Seating, Trees, planting, protection from weather
    o Provide for viewing of shipping activity and appreciation of scale
    o Long range telescopes
    o Skateboard area
    o Sculptures/plagues depicting the various historical contribution and activities on the pier since it was built through the decades
    o Museum type display for history of the pier and gatehouse
    o Access for fishing
    o Extended narrow walkway past gatehouse – length of original pier – views and fishing
    o How do we entice people to come to Princes Pier....seasonal coffee/ice cream trolley, display, link to Sandridge Beach....Surf Life Saving Victoria

    Here are some Links to websites which you may be interested in:
    (Click on the back arrow to return to the BCNA site).

    Major Projects Victoria
    City of Port Phillip – Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design Framework
    City of Port Phillip – Princes Pier
    Heritage Victoria - Enter Princes Pier in the search box
    BCNA Committee View on Renaming Princes Pier

    Princes Pier Update - Urban Design Framework for Port Melbourne Waterfront

    Princes Pier

    City of Port Phillip
    Urban Design Framework for Port Melbourne Waterfront
    Community Reference Committee (CRC)

    R Harrison from our BCNA committee is a community representative and two meetings have been held in March and early June 2010. City of Port Phillip (CoPP) advised that tenders have been called for the consultant for the Urban Design Framework for the Port Melbourne Waterfront (UDF), and an appointment will be made in June.

    At the most recent meeting the CRC had a presentation by Major Projects Victoria on the work they are completing on the infrastructure of Princes Pier. A view of the works and status is outlined below.

    Scope of Works

    The overall MPV project which commenced in 2006/2007 was generally described to remove the deck and restore the inner 196 metres with a new decking and restore the gate house and return that section to the community. The remaining piles past the 196 metre length will be left and uncovered. This MPV project and funding is based around the infrastructure restoration. MPV have provided an overall schematic diagram showing this scope. Click on diagram to view the pdf file. Click on the back arrow to return to the BCNA site.

    Deck 196 metre area

    This concrete decked area will include an outer east side berth for a visiting tall ship, and a lowered landing on the west side for about 5 small water craft. Beach access will be provided at the North West corner via a ramp. Rail lines will remain set in the deck on the inner west side as a historical relief. A strengthened heavy vehicle path will start centrally and wind to the east side of the gatehouse for access; otherwise the deck will be suitable for pedestrian loading. Vehicle access will be restricted and controlled. The original gates will be reinstated.

    Lighting of the deck area will be from 10 moderately high poles each with two flood lights. The lights will be selected to provide for down light and to avoid side glare.
    Sewer, water and power services will run centrally under the deck to the gatehouse.


    The scope of works is expected to restore the external gatehouse in accordance with its historical heritage, and include the basic internal amenity restoration. This will be a separate contract and has not been finalised. Sewer, water and power services will run centrally under the deck to the gatehouse.

    Concepts discussed for its internal restoration at this stage include area for a kitchen in the SE corner, toilets in SW corner, and a lift on the west side alongside toilets with the balance of the area to be left open. Upstairs is a series of small offices - they would be about 12 to 18 square metres in size.

    MPV advised that the partitioning needed to remain as it was needed to support the roof. This was queried as it was felt that trussed beams could be employed for roof support and that a more open area would be more useful. The CRC sought copies of the structural plans to review the possibilities. Toilet facilities are to be provided upstairs. Heat exchange air conditioning utilizing the sea water will be employed.

    Status of Works

    The bulk of the deck removal is now complete. The pile repair contract for the 196m section is due for completion at the end of June. Life expectancy of the piles is 50 years, but maintenance and replacement of some piles could be required after 25 years. There are 6,000 piles in the whole pier and the piles beyond196m will be progressively removed as they become unsafe.

    The new concrete deck contract has been let to Fitzgerald Constructions and is due for completion in 2011.

    The Gate House will be a separate contract. Details are still to be finalised.

    Historical Commemoration, and the Community Amenity and Use of Princes Pier

    Other attractions, memorabilia, plantings, monuments, buildings, screens etc, would seem to be the responsibility of others outside of MPV. At this time it is unclear on who the future controller of Princes Pier may be, and under what arrangements this may occur.