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  • Sat 7, 9-10am: Beach Patrol, meeting at Centenary Bridge Pylon (what used to be call the ferry beach but without a ferry...)
  • Sat 21, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at Port Melbourne Town Hall, 333 Bay Street

  • February
  • Sat 4, 9-10am: Beach Patrol, meeting at Lagoon Pier
  • Sat 18, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at 109 tram terminus

  • March
  • Sat 4, 9-10am: Beach Patrol, meeting at Sandridge Beach LSC
  • Sat 18, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at Graham Street underpass

  • April
  • Sat 1, 9-10am: Beach Patrol, meeting at Princes Pier
  • Sat 15, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at North Port 109 tram stop
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    Sunday, 12 March 2023

    New Local Laws 2023

    At the council meeting on 1st March, the City of Port Phillip discussed and approved new Community Amenity Local Laws for community consultation. Council's Local Laws cover such issues as residential parking permits, special events, shopping trolleys and many other items. The proposed Community  Amenity Local Law is shown here 

    Of interest to BCNA was the discussion on a Hoon events clause. Council is not intending to introduce a hoon events clause, proposing to wait until a Hooning Community Reference Group established by the Victorian Government has reported later this year. BCNA believes this is unsatisfactory given the frequency of of hoon activity in the area, particularly around Station Pier, and urges Council to introduce a Hoon events law in 2023. Such a law has been introduced in other municipalities, such as Brimbank, Frankston and Dandenong Councils and has had an immediate beneficial impact. Any such law can be rescinded later if the Victorian Government introduces a law which has the same effect. 

    Council is seeking feedback on the proposed Local Laws up until 31 March 2023. Information about a hoon events clause is shown on the Council's website under a FAQ's button. Consultation events have been scheduled-details are shown on the website. A community consultation event will be held at the Sandridge Life Saving Club at 10 am on Sunday 26 March 2023. Feedback can also be provided through the Council's website shown here Have Your Say

    BCNA strongly encourages members to provide feedback that Council should include a hoon events clause in Council's proposed Local Laws 2023.

    E-scooter trial in Port Phillip

    In 2022, the City of Port Phillip (CoPP) signed up to the Victorian Government trial in partnership with City of Melbourne and City of Yarra. The trial was scheduled to finish at the end of February 2023 but was extended to end of March 2023. There has been no announcement of it ending so it is possible it will be further extended. 

    The BCNA has received feedback on E-scooter use with concerns around speed and non-compliance with riding rules. The BCNA will be submitting feedback to the CoPP at the appropriate time. 

    In the meantime, all residents are welcome to submit their thoughts and feedback direct to Council. Details of the trial, guidance on the lawful use of E-scooters, and a feedback channel can be found at E-scooter trial City of Port Phillip.

    Barak Beacon Housing Development

    One of the priority projects for the BCNA is to observe and contribute to the proposed redevelopment of the Barak Road housing estate. This estate adjoins Beacon Cove and is the largest development proposed for Port Melbourne in recent years. Demolition of this site is proposed to commence by mid-2023. 

    The Objective is to replace the existing 89 social homes at Barak Beacon with modern, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable homes. This is likely to result in a higher development with less green space. 

    Details of the project can be found at Barak Beacon Port Melbourne Homes Victoria.

    Homes Victoria is the government body coordinating this work. In 2022, they undertook some community consultation with an Engagement Report due to be released in early 2023.  Following that release,they propose to carry out a second stage of community consultation. Further information on this can be found at Barak Beacon Port Melbourne housing Engage Victoria.

    Sunday, 19 February 2023

    Meeting with Nina Taylor MP

    The BCNA was active in the leadup to our recent state election by seeking viewpoints from local candidates on key issues affecting BCNA members. Following the election of Nina Taylor (Labor) to the seat of Albert Park, your BCNA president and secretary met with her and a senior adviser to more formally present BCNA priorities relevant to the state government.  The meeting occurred in late January 2023 and covered a range of developing issues BCNA priorities are shown here

    Member Taylor acknowledged that BCNA enjoyed an enviable reputation as an active, constructive, and practical advocacy group for Port Melbourne residents. She agreed that the issues we presented were important and agreed to meet BCNA on a regular basis. She provided reassurance that our views will continue to be welcomed in her office and that she would work to represent local views into the state government.

    Waterfront Welcomers--Volunteers Needed

    We have had a request to remind Beacon Cove members about Waterfront Welcomers, the volunteer group who greet the cruise ship passengers at Station Pier.

    Waterfront Welcomers are looking for more volunteers to assist cruise ship passengers with their queries and tell them about the sights/experiences of Port Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip.  No experience necessary - Waterfront Welcomers will do all the training.

    If you are interested, please call Brian Hanlon, SPCC Waterfront Welcomers Co-ordinator, on 03 9645 1476 or 0400 642 667, or 

    Princes Street Storm Water Drain

    The Beacon Cove Neighbourhod Association (BCNA) has long had concerns about health and appearance issues with this drain, which is owned by Melbourne Water. The pond at the mouth of the drain is attractive to children as it has the appearance of being safe. However, the storm water carries a range of unhealthy bacteria and objects and birds foul the pooled water making it unsafe. The discharge from the drain also conveys a poor image of the area, including visitors from cruise ships. BCNA continues to advocate for enhancements in keeping with Melbourne's status as a "liveable city".

    On 13 February, representatives from BCNA met onsite with John Thwaites, Chairman of the Board of Melbourne Water, and key staff.  Since our meeting in March 2022, Melbourne Water has researched various capital spending alternatives but none were considered feasible. A complication is the ongoing shifting sands imposed by waves and currents. Another factor is the redevelopment of Station Pier by the Victorian Government as explained here.

    Increased maintenance, such as more extensive cleaning and shaping to improve water flow, was considered the best outcome to improve amenity. Melbourne Water plans to discuss this option with City of Port Phillip staff. 

    The current drain has an expected life up to 2036.

    Wednesday, 8 February 2023

    Noise cameras can detect vehicle noise

    During 2022 the Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association (BCNA) met with Road Safety Victoria to raise concerns about hooning, including vehicle noise.  The meeting resulted in the establishment of the Hoon Driving Community Group sponsored by Road Safety Victoria.

    According to the World Health Organisation, noise is the second biggest environmental factor causing health problems after air pollution. Several countries are now introducing new technology in the form of vehicle noise cameras to address public concern. Noise cameras detect vehicles exceeding legislated noise limits, record number plates and trigger fines.

    The BCNA is advocating for the greater use of technology such as CCTV and noise cameras to capture hoon driving.  The article here describes the program being implemented in New York.  The UK and France are introducing similar programs.

    New toilets in Waterfront Place

    The City of Port Phillip has commenced work on building new toilet facilities in Waterfront Place. They will be located to the left of the road leading to Station Pier.

    At present Council has an arrangement in place with a local business owner for public toilet provision at the rear of the tram terminus, however these toilets are often difficult to locate and access. The new location is more centrally located with higher visibility from the tram stop, car park and Bay Trail. 

    The existing toilets at the tram terminus station will remain open during the construction period. More information and an image of the proposed facility can be accessed here

    Saturday, 21 January 2023

    We-Akon Dilinja dawns again

    The Boonwurrung People, in partnership with the City of Port Phillip, invite everyone to attend the We-Akon Dilinja (Mourning Reflection) dawn ceremony on Thursday 26 January.

    We-Akon Dilinja - a commemorative dawn service honouring the past and realising a new united vision from the perspective of First Nations performers and speakers - is in its fourth year. This year's ceremony is themed Honouring the past and realising a new united vision for our shared future.

    The ceremony, supported by the National Australia Day Council, honours the past and realises a new united vision. This event will be livestreamed via the Council website, includes musical performances and a smoking ceremony. Readings will be given by Mayor Heather Cunsolo and multi-faith representatives. Full details are on the City of Port Phillip's website at


    Hoon Driving

    Warm summer nights in Port Melbourne unfortunately bring out the worst hoon behaviour. BCNA's concern centres around the behaviour of a minority of drivers, notable drag racing from stop lights, tyre and engine noise around Station Pier, and the ongoing noise of unbaffled motor cycles.

    The BCNA hosts a sub-committee called the Port Melbourne Road Safety Group (RSG) that successfully campaigned last year for a Council-owned mobile CCTV unit. The RSG also represented our neighbourhood through participation in the Hoon Driving Community Group sponsored by Road Safety Victoria. The BCNA continues to advocate for:

    • Stronger penalties for dangerous driving and unnecessary noise.
    • Greater use of technology such as CCTV and noise cameras to capture hoon driving
    • Council laws to empower police to act more proactively on local hoon events
    • Stronger laws against unbaffled motorcycles.

    Police have asked that hoon driving be reported to 000 whilst it occurs. If it is not reported police will not know about it.  This means CCTV cameras and extra patrols will not be deployed to the area. Non urgent events can be reported to Police or to Crime Stoppers Crime Stoppers or 1800 333 000

    Jet Skis

    Summer holidays also bring out aberrant jet ski riders or "hoons on water". The BCNA regularly receives complaints of dangerous jet ski riding, notable near the Port Melbourne Yacht Club, near the lighthouse in front of Beacon Cove towers, and near Sandridge Beach. Recently a 16-year old jet ski rider was filmed harassing the occupants of a boat near Safety Beach and is currently facing charges.

    BCNA members and residents should be aware of the yellow poles placed in the water by Parks Victoria roughly 200 metres from shore. These poles carry warning signs for boaters (which apply to jet skis) and prohibit most watercraft from approaching the shoreline. In certain areas, such as the beach adjacent to the Port Melbourne Yacht Club, watercraft are allowed to approach the beach but are limited to a speed of 5 knots - about the speed of a race walker. Jet skis are required to display their registration number. 

    A common guideline is that if you see a jet ski creating a bow wave within the 200 metre limit near swimmers, report their registration to Police on 000. Non-urgent events can be reported to Police on 131 444 or to Crime Stoppers or 1800 333 000.