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  • Sat 16, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at 109 tram terminus

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  • Sat 7, 9-10am Beach Patrol, meeting at Lagoon Pier
  • Sat 21, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at Graham Street underpass

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  • Sat 4, 9-10am: Beach Patrol, meeting at Sandridge LSC
  • Thu 9: BCNA AGM, Sandridge Community Centre (formerly the Trugo Club) in Garden City Reserve
  • Sat 18, 9:30-10:30am: Love our Streets, meeting at Olive's Corner, corner Bay & Liardet Streets
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    Wednesday, 8 February 2023

    Noise cameras can detect vehicle noise

    During 2022 the Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association (BCNA) met with Road Safety Victoria to raise concerns about hooning, including vehicle noise.  The meeting resulted in the establishment of the Hoon Driving Community Group sponsored by Road Safety Victoria.

    According to the World Health Organisation, noise is the second biggest environmental factor causing health problems after air pollution. Several countries are now introducing new technology in the form of vehicle noise cameras to address public concern. Noise cameras detect vehicles exceeding legislated noise limits, record number plates and trigger fines.

    The BCNA is advocating for the greater use of technology such as CCTV and noise cameras to capture hoon driving.  The article here describes the program being implemented in New York.  The UK and France are introducing similar programs.