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Sat 4, 9-10am, Beach Patrol, meeting at Princes Pier
Sat 4, 12-7pm, Port's Artisan Christmas Market, Bay Street
Sat 11, 9:30-10:30am, Love our Streets - meeting at Olive's Corner, corner of Liardet Street and Bay Street

Sat 8, 9-10am, Beach Patrol, meeting at the Beacon Cove roundabout, Spirit of Tassie ferry beach
Sat 15, 9:30-10:30am, Love our Streets - meeting at 109 tram terminus

Sat 5, 9-10am, Beach Patrol, meeting at Lagoon Pier
Sat 19, 9:30-10:30am, Love our Streets - meeting at Gasworks Park, corner of Pickles & Liardet Streets

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Sunday, 24 October 2021

Police Anti-Hoon Programs for Summer

Since an earlier update, BCNA representatives met Acting Inspector Glen Finlay and Port Phillip district officers to discuss anti hoon programs for the summer months.

Victoria Police propose a similar program to that used last summer at Station Pier. That is, the use of a mobile CCTV unit, a tactical camera, electronic sign, and increased patrols. These measures are important and led to a sharp decline in incidents. However, they need to be complemented by State and Council initiated measures.

Police explained that several councils have introduced anti hoon Local Laws (two examples) and that they (the Police) are proposing to discuss the introduction of similar Local Laws with the City of Port Phillip and the City of Stonnington. The BCNA has contacted Gateway Ward Councillors and asked that they support the introduction of a comparable Local Law in the City of Port Phillip.

It is important to report hoon driving and vehicle noise. If incidents are not reported and recorded, the Police do not know about them. If you witness hoon driving and vehicle noise, Victoria Police recommend:

  • Call 000 immediately if dangerous driving is occurring. Do not be fobbed off by the operator if you are told “we already know about it”. Insist on your report being taken.
  • Report incidents to Crime Stoppers at as this helps police to target repeat offenders and to focus on specific locations. If safe to do so, film video of incident and upload to Crime Stoppers.