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    Tuesday 23 April 2019

    Waterfront Place - BCNA Seeking Commonwealth Funding from Federal Election Candidates

    The BCNA has decided to meet the candidates for Macnamara to seek support for Commonwealth Government funding for the re-development of the Waterfront Place precinct.

    As a key part of the national road network, Waterfront Place is an important precinct. The car ferry service to and from Tasmania is a designated part of the national highway network and the only public vehicular link between Tasmania and the mainland.

    The steady growth of cruise ships, visitors, and freight has highlighted weaknesses in the local infrastructure. They include:
    • The area often becomes ‘gridlocked’ when cruise ships and the Spirit of Tasmania are at berth -this will only worsen as ship visits and freight movements increase.  
    • Road improvements need to be considered to ensure efficient movement of freight and passengers.
    • There are no designated bus, taxi or ride-share meeting areas for cruise ship visitors.  
    • There is a lack of appropriate shops, services and amenities for visitors.
    • The public realm is ‘run down’ and the area does not present as an inviting place for residents or visitors.
    • Many of the businesses within the precinct are currently vacant or struggling.
    Other than Station Pier, the area is the responsibility of the City of Port Phillip. However, the entire area must be considered for Station Pier to operate efficiently. As the precinct includes the national road network, the BCNA contends that the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments should contribute to the cost of redevelopment.

    The BCNA has sent a note to candidates for the major parties, namely Kate Ashmor (Liberal), Josh Burns (ALP) and Steph Hodgins-May (Greens). We are arranging to meet each candidate to discuss support for Commonwealth funding. Other candidates may be contacted as they become known.

    We encourage members to contact the candidates to support the BCNA position. We will report on each candidate’s response up until the election.