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    Monday 4 October 2010

    Traffic and Parking Issues in Beacon Cove

    Traffic and Parking Issues in Beacon Cove
    At the last social evening at C’est Bon, members raised a number of concerns regarding parking and traffic related matters in Beacon Cove and surrounds. Committee Members met with relevant City of Port Phillip staff to discuss these matters and advise as follows:

    Traffic speed limits

    Some members had asked if speeds could be restricted in Beacon Cove. Road speeds are governed by Vic Roads. The only major exceptions to 50km limits are around schools and shopping strips.

    Traffic volumes

    The traffic volumes permitted in suburban streets without requiring any traffic calming devices can be found at:

    Depending on the nature of the road, traffic movements of between 500-3,000 vehicles per day are considered acceptable on local roads.

    The Crescent

    As per below CoPP undertook surveying in the Crescent in 2002 and 2009. The 85% speed is well below the current blanket speed limit of 50kph in built up area. The volume of 608 vehicles per day is at a lower end of environmental capacity for The Crescent which is in order of 1,500 vehicles per day. The speed and volume of traffic in The Crescent is considered to be normal.

    >>Date/ Month
    >>Exact Location or section of street
    >>24 hour traffic - number
    >>85% tile (speed kph)

    >>1/5 to 3/5 >>2002 >>Between 66-68 The Crescent >> 385>>45kph
    >>26/5 to 28/5 (between 7am-7pm) >>2009 >>At No 75 The Crescent>> 608>>39kph


    The majority of parking restrictions are made under the Road Safety Act 1986, or regulations created under that Act. The Road Safety Act enacts the Road Rules, a national code that is generally uniform across all states. Restrictions that residents need to be aware of include:

    • Prohibition on partially or fully blocking a footpath, including parking in a driveway if that causes the footpath to be impeded in any way;
    • Prohibition on parking on nature strips. All land between letterboxes and the road in Beacon Cove is nature strip and not available for parking.

    To report illegally parked cars you can call ASSIST on (03) 9209 6777 and after hours on the parking emergency number 0407 304 449.

    Residents should note that street parking is available to the public (except in a permit zone). This includes indented bays in front of houses. These bays are not the property of the resident.

    When parking in the street, drivers must ensure there is a clear 3m gap from the outside edge of the car to the opposite kerb to allow free movement of vehicles.