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    Tuesday 11 October 2011

    BCNA UDF Statement September 2011

    BCNA UDF Statement September 2011

    Beacon Cove Neighborhood Association Inc

    The process of developing an Urban design Framework for the Port Melbourne waterfront has been going on now for some time via the City of Port Phillip. In that period BCNA has contributed views of members through representation to the Community Reference Committee and the various City officers and Councillors involved. The Final Vision Report has been prepared (see Blog posted last week) and is being used to develop the Framework going soon to Council for approval. At the September meeting of the BCNA Executive Committee a summary position statement was adopted and sent to Council. A copy of this statement is reproduced below. This document aims to represent the groundswell of opinion that has been fed back to the Executive Committee.

    The Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association has been an active participant in the City of Port Phillip Urban Design Framework (UDF) Community Reference Committee (CRC) chaired by Councillor Janet Bolitho. The committee was established March 2010
    Bob Harrison (BCNA) is a member of the CRC and brings valuable experience he gained during his tenure at Portland harbour in various management positions.
    The CRC has met on a regular basis and has been established to provide input in the way of ideas and concepts from the community to the Draft UDF report and its recommendations to go to council and the broader community for consideration during the latter part of 2011.
    The original Mirvac Beacon Cove development incorporated a service area comprising of the Childcare Centre, Gymnasium, and Food store with the 109 tram stop facilities as the social hub of the estate.
    The BCNA is of the firm view that this original concept has to be preserved and any future development must incorporate the existing service area.
    The potential for saturation development including commercial, retail and high-rise will be strongly objected to by the Residents and the BCNA.
    The visual aspect of Station Pier and it view of the city skyline is important to welcome the growing number of interstate and international tourists arriving at the pier and their first sight of Melbourne.
    Inappropriate development will increase traffic management problems such as parking and queuing that will impact on the local resident’s capacity to move freely to and from their residence. This also brings into question the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and disabled people. This has to be addressed.
    The BCNA believes a visual appealing buffer needs to separate the Ports activities from the Residences; this buffer should incorporate green and sustainable features.
    The construction of a viewing platform for residents and the public to view and welcome ship arrivals and departures would be a welcome addition. It would enrich the tourism experience.
    The future use of Princess Pier as a recreational /entertainment venue if considered will be of concern to tower residents. The community use of the historical Gatehouse and small boat access are welcome benefits.
    The BCNA is concerned about the impact on local amenity and the financial viability of any retail development, and is opposed to any substantial retail initiative being considered. The seasonal nature of the area is a real restraint on developing a viable retail centre - this could lead to semi deserted or unoccupied shop sites.
    The CRC has to respond to the challenge of existing traffic congestion that builds up during various port activities and ensure it will not exacerbated by increased and/or inappropriate development.
    The current 3 story limit has been established to protect the amenity and integrity of the service area. The BCNA will challenge any attempt to overdevelop and introduce high rise features in to the UDF recommendations. It believes the UDF has the potential to enhance the recreational aspect of the waterfront to the benefit of residents and the Victorian community.
    The experience of visiting Melbourne should be memorable; the UDF process has the capacity to deliver that we must get it right.