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    Wednesday 9 May 2012

    How to Subscribe to receive Emails from our Eblog Site

    Subscribe using your Email address to receive an overnight email for  New Posts

    Below are the detailed instructions to Subscribe to New Posts.  Click here for a pdf version with screen prints.

    How to Subscribe To Posts By Email

    This Subscription Service by Feedburner will send you a direct email when a new post is made to the BCNA eblog site.   This will keep you informed when new information is posted on the site.  It is set up to send you one email overnight for all new posts on one day.  No email is sent when no new post has been made.
    Here is a step by step guide to setting it up.  At the end are the screenprints which show you the screens, email and notices you will see as you go through the steps.
    Step 1 
    Go to  by clicking on this link or entering it into your web browser.
    Step 2
    Find “Subscribe To Posts By Email” box.  On the eblog site on the right hand side scroll down you will see a box labelled SUBSCRIBE TO POSTS BY EMAIL where it asks for your email address.
    Step 3
    Enter Your email address in box.  On the eblog site enter carefully your full email address (e.g. in the box and then click on the “Subscribe” button.  A pop up window will appear.
    Step 4
    Verification Check – Type the text displayed into the window as requested, and click on the button “Complete the Subscription Request”.  When entered the text successfully you will receive a message telling you that an email is being sent to you from Feedburner. If unsuccessful, a new text combination will appear for you to retry.
    Step 5
    Confirmation Email sent to your email address.  An email will be sent to your email account to verify that you own and control this email account.  You need to go to your email account and open up this email in your inbox.  Check in your Spam or Junk folder if this email does not appear in your Inbox.
    Step 6
    Verification that you are subscribed to the BCNA eblog site.  Follow the instructions on the email either by clicking on the web link provided or copy and pasting it into your web browser and following the instructions.  This prevents anyone subscribing your email account to this website without your knowledge.

    Step 7
    You will receive an “Email Subscription Confirmed” notice on your screen.  It advises you that on the named email address you will receive daily updates.