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Monday, 7 January 2019

Update on Air Quality Monitoring at Station Pier

The EPA conducted air quality monitoring from 19th September to 9th December 2018. The equipment was installed on the roof of an apartment at 107 Beach Street and monitored PM2.5, sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide. The average PM2.5 level for the monitoring period was 9.9 µg/m3. The maximum permitted daily PM2.5 level is 25 ug/m3 (one exceedances per year is permitted) and the maximum annual average PM2.5 level is 8.0 µg/m3. No sulphur or nitrous emissions were detected. Since installation, the EPA has told us that the equipment is not capable of monitoring sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions at levels below 0.5-1 ppm. This means that the equipment is not fit for purpose. The maximum permitted hourly levels for sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide are 0.2 ppm and 0.12 ppm respectively and the maximum number of permitted exceedances per year is 1 day.

The BCNA recently wrote to the Minister for the Environment requesting a long term, well-designed monitoring program using fit-for-purpose equipment. The Hon. Martin Foley MP has agreed to support our request.

Monitoring at Station Pier in 2016/17 by the Victorian Ports Corporation (VPC) revealed elevated levels of sulphur dioxide compared to nearby EPA monitoring stations at Footscray and Altona North. Also, the annual average PM2.5 value of 8.4 µg/m3 exceeded the 8.0 µg/m3 level specified in the State Environment Protection Policy (Ambient Air Quality) standard.

Volunteers Needed for Air Quality Monitoring

The BCNA is assisting Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Deakin University (DU) to undertake complementary air quality monitoring projects in the area. The QUT equipment are known as KOALAs (Knowing Our Ambient Local Air-quality) and measures particles (PM10, PM2.5, PM1) and carbon monoxide and are either solar or mains powered. The KOALAS are cheaper than the equipment used by EPA or DU which means that multiple units can be deployed in Beacon Cove. However, the KOALAs are not as accurate as the EPA or DU equipment. Installation of the QUT owned KOALAs is underway on balconies of selected tower residents in 107, 115 and 127 Beach Street.

The BCNA has informally approached Councillor Bernadene Voss to see whether Council might host the solar powered KOALAs on light poles along the bike trail. In the interim the solar powered KOALAs are being hosted on balconies or in courtyards in temporary locations within Beacon Cove. To date mains powered KOALAs have been installed on the top of 107 Beach St and Levels 5 and 10 of 115 Beach St (note L10 of 115 is at same level as top of 107), and solar powered KOALAs have been installed at 16 Park Square and 2 Orion Mews.

More volunteers in Beacon Cove are needed to temporarily host solar powered KOALAs. Suitable locations need to face north, be unshaded for at least 5 to 6 hours during the day, be easy for KOALAs to be mounted by cable ties, and not close to major roads. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the Secretary of the BCNA at
Deakin University has installed air quality monitoring equipment on the same high-level balcony of 115 Beach St as the KOALA so that the results can be compared as the DU monitoring includes PM2.5. DU have also installed a weather monitoring station on the top of 115 Beach St so that wind information is also available for close to Station Pier.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

BCNA Objecting to Proposed Redevelopment Plans for the Foodstore Site

The developer of the site at 103 Beach Street presented plans to a very well-attended meeting on Tuesday 18 December 2018. The plans were on display at the venue and the developer’s staff were on hand to answer questions. A Question and Answer session allowed residents to discuss the issues.

Some of the issues raised during this session were about the significance of this area for residents and ship visitors, the need for adequate car parking (existing parking spaces may be reduced), wind tunnel effects of the building, the need to maintain the existing entrances to the car park, a suggested set back of the building on the eastern side to allow safe movement of pedestrians and cyclists, and the need for an entrance to the supermarket from the car park.

Following this meeting, the BCNA has submitted an objection to the City of Port Phillip (CoPP) covering these issues.

If you share the same concerns, or have other concerns, the BCNA encourages you to submit an objection. You should do so in your own words although you can use similar arguments to those in the BCNA objection. Please make your submission as soon as possible as early submission of objections to the CoPP helps Council staff and Councillors assess the strength of community concerns.

Your objection can be submitted by letter, or online.

A written objection, quoting the application number 673/2015/A, can be addressed to Mr. George Borg, Head, City Development, City of Port Phillip, Locked Bag 3, St. Kilda 3182. It can be posted or delivered to the Port Melbourne Town Hall where staff will place it in the internal mail.

An online objection can be completed by clicking on this link which takes you to the permit application section of the CoPP website. Then click on ‘Object or Support’ box which takes you to a page where you can enter your concerns. It is a good idea to compose your objection beforehand as the site times out after 30 minutes. If you have drafted your arguments beforehand, they can be attached or copied into the space provided.

If possible, the BCNA would appreciate receiving a copy of your objection by email. Please send it to

Friday, 14 December 2018

Reminder - Foodstore Redevelopment Briefing Session - Tuesday 18 December

Don't forget the briefing session for the redevelopment of the Beacon Cove Foodstore (by the tram terminus) is next Tuesday morning from 8:30-10am.  Many thanks to those who have RSVPed already.

As a light breakfast is being provided at the session we have to RSVPs by this Sunday.

So, if you're coming, please email by Sunday night.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Foodstore Redevelopment - Briefing Session - Tuesday 18 December

103 Beach Street, Proposed Northern (Beach Street) Elevation

The developers of 103 Beach Street (the Beacon Cove Foodstore) have arranged a consultation session on their plans for the site which have been lodged with the City of Port Phillip (CoPP). The plans and other planning documents (application 673/2015/A) can be downloaded here.

The consultation session will be held on Tuesday 18 December from 8:30am to 10:00am at Mr Hobson on Station Pier. Light breakfast (coffee and pastry) will be provided during this time.

Changes from the earlier plans include:
  • Redesign of the approved development, amending materials finishes, design and layout.
  • Increasing the number of storeys from three to four.
  • Increase in height of the building from 13.5m to 15.9m.
  • Reduction of the number of dwellings from 14 to 12.
  • Rearrangement of the approved basement car park.
  • The total number of spaces would be reduced from 34 spaces to 30 spaces.
  • Removal of car parking within northern setback of the site due to increase in footprint of building.
  • Reduction in the height of the soffit over the shared bike path from 5m to 4m.
Some key points that have already been identified by one of our members and may be of interest to BCNA members are:
  • It's not entirely clear but it appears that direct supermarket entry will be only from Waterfront Place (ie no direct access to the carpark on Beach Street) or walking through the cafe from one end to the other. See plan TP-151 for details.
  • The removal of car parking within northern setback of the site will result in the removal of 11 or 12 parking spaces from the car park. It currently has capacity of 25 car spaces - 21 perpendicular and 4 parallel - and plan TP-101 seems to show 10 or 11 perpendicular car spaces and 3 parallel spaces.
  • The new plan is for six apartments on the first level, four on the second, and two on the third.
  • Compared to the previous plan there seems to be a tiny bit more overshadowing at the winter solstice up to about 11am and from about 3pm onwards, rest of time similar (the previous plan had a lot more overshadowing than there is with current building).
If you are planning to attend the consultations session, for catering purposes would you please RSVP to by Sunday 16 December.

103 Beach Street, Proposed Southern (Bay/Pier) Elevation

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Bay Street Festival - This Friday

This is a last minute reminder that the Bay Street Festival is on tomorrow (or today if you're reading this by the email notification).  That is Friday 30 November.

It runs from 5 to 9pm and has Christmas windows, Santa, Disney princesses, Santa, a schools choirs competition, a jazz parade, a celebration concert, and a Santa Paws parade (bring your puppies).

More details can be found here.

Graffiti Management Plan 2019-24

The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) is currently seeking feedback to develop a new Graffiti Management Plan that will meet the evolving needs and expectations of the community and Council.

The Graffiti Management Plan will provide direction for the:
  • Removal and management of graffiti across the city
  • Implementation of community focussed programs that contribute to minimising occurrences of graffiti
  • Provision of opportunities for people to participate in more legitimate forms of public art.
Click here for more details and/or to provide your feedback.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Election Pledges Affecting Beacon Cove - Update

Back in September the BCNA met with the main local candidates for the state election and asked them to comment on key issues of importance to Beacon Cove residents (air quality monitoring, low sulphur fuel for ships using Station Pier, and Waterfront Place). On the 12th November we published the responses we had received by that time.

At the time we had not received a response from Ogy Simic, the Greens candidate. He has now responded and you can find his response here.

Our Latest Newsletter is Out

Volunteers are currently dropping copies of our newsletter in mailboxes throughout Beacon Cove. It covers a number of topics including:
  • Air Quality Monitoring at Station Pier
  • Mandatory Use of Ultra-low Sulphur Fuel for Ships at Station Pier
  • Update on 1-7 Waterfront Place
  • Victorian Ports Corporation Planning for Station Pier
  • Reinvestment in the Waterfront Place Precinct
  • Beacon Cove Foodstore Redevelopment
  • BCNA Social Events
For those who would like an electronic copy, it can be downloaded here.

JL Murphy Reserve: Play Space

The 2012 JL Murphy Reserve Master Plan recommends the play space should be updated with a new playground that is better positioned within the reserve and to develop natural play spaces that connect with the playground and other key elements within the reserve.

Feedback from the initial consultation has been collated and has been used to inform the draft concept design for the upgrade and your comments are sought. Details on this are available here.

The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) will collate your comments and use it to direct the final concept design which they will present for comment in early 2019. For more information contact the Open Space team on 9209 6777.