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Friday, 19 July 2019

Update on the Foodstore Site

The developer of 103 Beach Street is finalising his proposal for a four-level building comprising a café and supermarket on the ground floor, underground car park and 12 apartments.

The BCNA wants to see this site developed. The BCNA’s concerns have included the importance of maintaining parking spaces to the north of the building, two car park entrances, retaining a pedestrian entrance to the building from the car park, height, and safe pedestrian and cycle use to the east of the building.

The developer understands the community concerns that have been raised and has addressed these. Car park design and safe pedestrian and cycle use involve Council and Yarra Trams/PTV. They have provided an assurance that they will not exceed 1.6 metres above the existing approved height, do not plan to on-sell, and will ask Council to include reference to maximum height in the planning permit. They have also offered to hold a community meeting to explain final design and plans.

The BCNA is keen to see the proposed tram line duplication at the Beacon Cove stop occurring at the same time as redevelopment of the Foodstore site. To this end the BCNA will be contacting the Hon. Martin Foley MP to ensure funds are available to Yarra Trams/PTV for this work. This will minimise disruption from the two projects.

The developer hopes to start marketing and preselling later this year, with building starting around February 2020. The building phase is expected to take about 18 months.

Waterfront Place Precinct “Master Plan” Initiative Receives Boost

Many local residents will be aware that the BCNA has identified the Waterfront Place Precinct as a priority area for attention by all three levels of Government, with the development of a “master plan” for the area the most important first step.

This initiative has been given a boost by a major article in the July edition of Southbank Local News which has highlighted the issues and the need for a solution, with interviews with several key stakeholders.

These included both our local members (The Hon. Martin Foley MP, The Hon. Josh Burns, MP), the Mayor of the City of Port Phillip, Cr Dick Gross, and the CEO of the Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne), Rachel Johnson. All agreed that change was needed and that a plan for the whole precinct was the first priority.

The BCNA will continue to push for the establishment of a planning committee and the development of a master plan for the precinct, followed by appropriate re-development and upgrading.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

1-7 Waterfront Place Appeal Refused

On Friday the Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal refused the developer of 1-7 Waterfont Place's leave to appeal the Court’s earlier decision to uphold the Minister for Planning’s ‘call in’ of the planning application.

In July 2018, the Minister for Planning decided to ‘call in’ the application to develop this site.  The proposal at that time was for a ten-storey mixed use building consisting of 174 apartments and 2 retail premises. Calling in an application enables the proposal to be separately considered, rather than left to normal planning processes such as VCAT. This action was supported by the Victorian Ports Corporation Melbourne (VPCM), the City of Port Phillip, the TT-Line, the tourism industry, the Hon. Martin Foley MP and the BCNA.

Full details of the Court of Appeal’s decision can be found here.  The developer can appeal this decision to the High Court in which case they have 28 days to do so.

If the developer does not appeal, the Minister for Planning is expected to convene an Advisory Committee to provide advice on the use of the site. The BCNA believes that the site should be considered by the Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne) for improving the overall functioning of the Waterfront Place precinct.

Improved Lighting Along Beach Street

We've received this by email from Bernadene Voss, Councillor at City of Port Phillip.

Construction will start next week to remove the existing green, goose-neck foreshore & Bay Trail lights between Station Pier in Port Melbourne and Kerferd Road in Albert Park. The existing goose-neck poles have reached the end of their asset life, with many poles failing in the last 12-months. Existing light levels are also inadequate and inconsistent.

New poles and LED lights will decrease power consumption, reduce maintenance, and improve lighting quality and security. The new LED lanterns are designed not to emit upward light pollution, consistent with dark-sky preservation requirements. Light temperature and colour is consistent with best-practice for the protection of fauna.

Construction signage will be installed at key locations along the foreshore to inform local residents, businesses and users of the Bay Trail. More information will be available on the Council’s website. Construction is expected to take four-months to complete (July to October 2019) with minimal disruption to the Bay Trail and footpaths. Lighting will be replaced in four stages to minimise overall disruption, starting at Station Pier.

Temporary lighting will be used in each stage to ensure that public safety is maintained while existing lights are decommissioned and new lights installed. The total budget for the project is $1,200,000.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Station Pier Redevelopment

No funding was announced in the recent State Budget for the redevelopment of Station Pier. This is because funding is linked to the timeline for arrival of the new TT-Line ferries. The new ferries are expected in 2021. Unfortunately, the shipyard chosen to build the new ferries, Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG), has experienced funding issues. Victorian Ports Corporation (VPC) is seeking clarification from TT Line of the implications for the arrival of the new ferries.

The BCNA and other local organisations continue to meet VPC representatives monthly to discuss plans for the redevelopment of Station Pier. This includes discussion of issues identified by respondents to a VPC survey as well as issues identified by the BCNA.

Record BCNA Membership

Thank you to all who have renewed their memberships, or who have joined the BCNA in 2018/19. Membership continues to grow and is now 443, a new record for BCNA.

The BCNA continues to be active on your behalf in protecting and enhancing the amenity of the area. Our last Newsletter as well as posts to this website explain the issues we are involved with on your behalf.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Further Progress with the EPA on Air Quality Monitoring

The BCNA has been seeking a long term, well-designed monitoring program at Station Pier as there are legitimate concerns about air quality.

Since our update in April, the Hon. Martin Foley MP convened a meeting attended by the BCNA, Dr Andrea Hinwood, Chief Environmental Scientist at the EPA, and the Minister for Environment’s adviser, Ms Dee Cakir. At this meeting Dr Hinwood acknowledged that there is an air quality concern at Station Pier. Since that meeting, Dr Hinwood has written to the BCNA saying she plans to “ the Victorian Ports Corporation to discuss monitoring options to address community concerns….  This includes monitoring at ground level and at selected elevated locations in a more comprehensive manner.” The BCNA believes this is a positive development. Dr Hinwood has undertaken to brief the BCNA on this work as it progresses.

At the request of the EPA, the BCNA is finalising the selection of suitable air quality monitoring sites for discussion with the City of Port Phillip and the EPA.

Keep your Home and Property Protected

Following recent reports of house burglaries in the Beacon Cove area, BCNA advises residents that Victoria Police suggest these protections:
  • Get to know your neighbours.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked – even when you are home.
  • Ensure your home is adequately lit at night. Consider installation of external sensor lights.
  • A monitored alarm system can be a deterrent to potential thieves.
  • Lock your mail box.
  • Only leave spare keys with a trusted neighbour. Never hide them.
  • Keep all spare keys, including car keys, in a secure place.
  • Make it look like someone is home when you are out.
  • Bring in your bins and collect mail regularly.
  • Mark your valuable property with an engraver or ultra violet marker.
  • Keep your car locked at all times and don’t leave valuables and other items visible in your car.
For more information go to

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Fishermans Bend Drop-in Events

The Fishermans Bend Taskforce is hosting two community drop-in events in early June, which will feature project update presentations and a chance to ask questions of their team.

Saturday 1 June, 1.00pm - 4:00pm.
Presentation 1.30pm. No RSVP necessary.
Ferrars Street Education and Community Facility
129 Ferrars Street, Southbank (entry off Ferrars Street)

Wednesday 5 June, 2.30pm - 7.30pm.
Presentations at 3pm and 6pm. No RSVP necessary.
North Port Oval Sandridge Room
525 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne (entry off Ingles Street)

You are welcome to attend a session or complete an online survey at Engage Victoria. For further information on the Fishermans Bend Framework, please visit their website or email

Monday, 13 May 2019

Further Update on Election Pledges Regarding the Waterfront Place Precinct

On Sunday, we posted the responses from two Federal election candidates to our request for Commonwealth Government funding for the redevelopment of the Waterfront Place precinct.

We have now received a response from Kate Ashmor, the Liberal candidate, and you can find her response here.