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Sat 5, 9-10am, Beach Patrol, meeting at Lagoon Pier
Sat 19, 9:30-10:30am, Love our Streets - *NOTE LOCATION CHANGE* - meeting at Graham Street underpass

Sat 5, 9-10am, Beach Patrol, meeting at Sandridge Beach
Sat 19, 9:30-10:30am, Love our Streets, meeting at North Port 109 tram stop

Sat 2, 9-10am, Beach Patrol, meeting at Princes Pier
Sat 16, 9:30-10:30am, Love our Streets, meeting at Port Melbourne Town Hall

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Sunday, 16 January 2022

Further Update on Boat Landing Closure

We have received a further update from the City of Port Phillip on the closure of the boat landing next to Mr Hobsons and D'lish Fish on Station Pier:

Contractors will be commencing works to repair the failed piles next Monday, 17th January. The works commencement was slightly delayed and based on the current schedule provided, we anticipate these works to be completed by 4th March. Parks Victoria have been advised and will be issuing a notice to mariners. Additionally, the St Kilda Ferry service will continue to operate from the Eastern promenade throughout the works and the contractors have been advised of their schedule to avoid any conflicts and ensure their safety.

Further inspections are also being undertaken currently on the Eastern and Southern promenades to inform their detailed condition and any relevant findings will be shared once these are completed.

Barak-Beacon Road Housing Redevelopment

Some residents may be aware of the proposed redevelopment of the Barak-Beacon Road public housing, part of the State Government’s “Big Housing Build”. The government first announced this strategy in late 2020 as an initiative to construct more than 12,000 new homes throughout metro and regional Victoria. The “Big Housing Build” has announced plans for housing renewal in a number of suburbs but to date there has been little mention of initiatives in Port Melbourne and indeed, in Port Phillip. Recently however, residents of the Barak Road housing received notice of plans to evacuate the area to enable redevelopment. The BCNA has met with local residents and will continue involvement to help ensure appropriate community consultation occurs and that residents are treated with care and respect as planning proceeds.

Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Further Update on Boat Landing Closure

We have recently received the following further update from the City of Port Phillip regarding the closure of the Boat Landing next to Mr Hobsons on Station Pier.

Officers have now engaged a contractor to undertake the necessary repair works. We are anticipating the contractor will commence the week commencing January 10th, subject to receipt of the necessary permits to undertake the works in time. The works are expected to be completed within 3-4 weeks, therefore we anticipate the boat landing being reopened in early February, upon final inspection confirming it is safe to do so.

In the interim the St Kilda Ferry will continue to operate from the Eastern boardwalk adjacent Mr Hobsons restaurant as per the current agreement. Priority access has been given to the ferry during the normal docking times to assist with their operations.

Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Update on Anti-hoon Programs

Since our last update, the City of Port Phillip’s recently hired mobile CCTV trailer has been in action at Station Pier along with a tactical camera, electronic signs, and additional police patrols. These measures have had an immediate, beneficial impact.  Hoon activity has dropped markedly.

BCNA representatives recently met the Hon. Josh Burns, MHR, the Federal member for Macnamara to discuss BCNA’s advocacy for longer term measures to stop hooning. He has offered support for our work and a joint community forum is being considered.

We understand that Victoria Police representatives have met City of Port Phillip Councillors to outline their support and proposal for hoon-related bylaws as explained earlier.

It is important to report hoon driving and vehicle noise. If incidents are not reported and recorded, the Police do not know about them. If you witness hoon driving and vehicle noise, Victoria Police recommend:

  • Call 000 immediately if dangerous driving is occurring. Do not be fobbed off by the operator if you are told “we already know about it”. Insist on your report being taken.
  • Report incidents to Crime Stoppers at as this helps police to target repeat offenders and to focus on specific locations. If safe to do so, film video of incident and upload to Crime Stoppers.

Planning Application for 81 Beacon Vista

Beacon Cove is unique in that it is a planned estate. It was developed by Mirvac with the Victorian Government from the mid-1990s. The BCNA’s view is that the best way to preserve the features that we value is for all developments to comply with the Port Phillip Planning Scheme. If necessary, the BCNA objects to developments that threaten integrity of the planned estate as explained here.

The BCNA objected to the original plans for 81 Beacon Vista in May 2021 as we believed they did not comply with the Neighbourhood Character Overlay Schedule 3 of the planning scheme as explained here. In response to concerns raised by the BCNA and others, amended plans were submitted to Council. The amended plans removed the second storey addition to the tower, increased the setbacks to the south elevation, reduced the extent of the ground floor extension and nominated the location of the pool equipment cupboard and air conditioning units. The amended plans were re-advertised. Further objections were raised about the form and height of the roof of the first-floor level additions, the projection of the garage and overshadowing to the south. Following a consultation meeting in September, the applicant agreed to change the form and reduce the height of the first-floor level roof.

At its meeting on 8 December, the City of Port Phillip's (council's) Planning Committee approved the amended plans. The BCNA welcomes the improvements to design but is disappointed that the council has approved the garage being brought forward as it contravenes the objectives of Neighbourhood Character Overlay Schedule 3 which seeks to minimise the visibility of garages on Beacon Vista.

Friday, 3 December 2021

Further on the Closure of the Beacon Cove Boat Landing

We have received the following update from the City of Port Phillip on this issue: 

"The full chain link fencing has now been erected around the boat landing and will remain in place until repairs are undertaken. We are working with a contractor at the moment to obtain a quote and timeline of availability to undertake the works and we will be trying to complete these as quick as possible so we can safely reopen the boat landing.

"Council has been working with the operators of the St Kilda ferry service to identify alternate arrangements so that they can recommence their service from Port Melbourne as planned this weekend. We have agreed that they can land against the lower Eastern Boardwalk promenade (next to Mr Hobsons restaurant) in the interim. This will require them to have their gangplank across the lower boardwalk during their sailings which will limit access to a small section of the lower boardwalk. The upper boardwalk and pedestrian path on the carpark side of the restaurants will remain accessible. Council have arranged bollards and tape to go around the gangplank whilst it is across the boardwalk which the ferry operator will be responsible for putting out. The gangplank will be stored away as usual after their last sailing each day reinstating full access. The ferry will be sailing this Saturday and Sunday (4th and 5th December) and then each Friday/Saturday/Sunday thereafter. This is a temporary arrangement and the ferry will move back to using the boat landing once repairs have been made. The tenants in the restaurants have been informed of this arrangement."

We'll continue to keep you posted with any updates.

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Temporary Closure of Beacon Cove Boat Landing

We have just received a letter from the City of Port Phillip which announces that the Beacon Cove boat landing is to be closed until further testing has taken place and any necessary remedial works completed.

This will have implication for the St Kilda - Williamstown ferry service and other boats that use this landing.

Your committee has contacted the CoPP to better understand the issue and can report the following. After further inspection of the pier, consultants have advised there are 3 pylons requiring replacement. The pier has been fenced off as of 29 November and urgent arrangements to replace the pylons are being put in place. The CoPP is aware of the unfortunate timing coming in to summer and is working to expedite treatment and return the site to public usage as soon as possible.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Council News Affecting Beacon Cove

The BCNA regularly meets Gateway Ward Councillors to discuss issues of mutual interest. At our meeting on 8 November with the Mayor, Marcus Pearl, and Councillors Cunsolo and Martin we discussed:

  • Local Laws to stop hooning: The BCNA contacted Gateway Ward Councillors in October and asked if Port Phillip council would consider introducing similar Local Laws as other Councils have done. Councillors are waiting on a meeting with Victoria Police to hear and discuss the proposal. 
  • Safety concerns with shared paths in the area: This was explained in a recent news item.
  • 103 Beach Street (the Foodstore site): The BCNA raised three issues. One, the plaza area in front of the building should be redeveloped at the same time as the building. Second, car parking to the north of the building, which is on crown land, should be reviewed and redesigned with a view to increasing car parking spaces (five spaces will be resumed by the owner for the building). Third, it is desirable that the tram line duplication occurs at the same time as the building. All measures should be considered and scheduled to minimise disruption to the community.
  • Princes Street drain: Peter Smith, the CEO of the City of Port Phillip, has met representatives from Melbourne Water to discuss the health and amenity concerns as explained here. The BCNA will arrange a meeting with Melbourne Water.
  • Traffic management in Graham Street and on Williamstown Road: The BCNA raised issues at our July meeting. More recently, residents’ have raised concerns about the right turn from Plummer Street into Woolworths. Councillors agreed that this was a concern and plan to ask that this is included in a wider traffic safety study.
  • Accessing Council’s website:  Many residents find navigating Council’s revamped website difficult. Councillors are aware of this. They asked that residents could provide feedback to the Mayor, Marcus Pearl, at
  • Out of character light poles installed by CitiPower: CitiPower replaces defective light poles as required and instals temporary ‘out of character’ poles until Council supplies a matching ‘goose neck’ style pole. Recently, there has been a delay in installing replacement poles. The Mayor, Marcus Pearl, agreed to check on this.
  • Overflowing rubbish bins along the foreshore: With lots of people visiting the foreshore at weekends there is often an overflow of rubbish, made worse if bins are not emptied early in the day. Councillors are aware of the problem. They requested residents to report overflowing bins by using Council’s ASSIST reporting service, or to use the ‘Snap Send Solve’ app. This action helps Council to direct resources to problem locations.

Artisan market - Saturday 4 December 2021

This is a free community event run by Port Melbourne Business Association (PMBA) for one day only, the Port’s Artisan Christmas Market supported by local community groups, businesses, Rotary, and the City of Port Phillip.

It will be held in Bay Street, Port Melbourne from 12 noon to 7pm on Saturday 4 December.

Consisting of around 150 different and unique artisan offerings for you to browse, Port’s Artisan Christmas Market will feature a range of handmade, locally produced gifts, art pieces, designs, jewellery and more. Offering something for everyone, Port’s Artisan Christmas Market is the perfect one stop shop for a range of unique Christmas presents – so you can shop knowing you are supporting local businesses. 

For more information, go to the PMBA website.

Friday, 19 November 2021

BCNA’s Annual General Meeting Summary

The BCNA held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 11th November. For those who could not make it a copy of the President’s report to members is available here and a summary of the meeting is available here. The President, Eddie Micallef, particularly thanked Bill Fisher for his work as Secretary. Bill did not renominate for the position. Bill has put an enormous amount of work into the role and the Association is stronger for all his efforts.

The BCNA was fortunate to arrange impressive speakers for the AGM. The Guest Speaker was the Mayor, Louise Crawford and her address to the meeting can be accessed here. The Hon. Martin Foley MP provided an update and both he and the Mayor answered questions. Superintendent Helen Chugg, in charge of the Port Phillip police area, spoke about Victoria Police’s summer program including anti hoon measures. Gateway Ward Councillors spoke about local issues, including Council’s decision to acquire a mobile CCTV unit to combat hoon driving.

Click on the links below to view videos of the various presentations: